Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social Media refers to networks such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter and is the fastest growing space in online marketing. Social Media is both unique and beneficial because it allows people who know each other to easily share ideas and experiences. This aspect also helps companies market their products and services to a much wider and more interested group of people.

When companies are listed on a social media website, they are able to form dynamic relationships with people who subscribe to receive updates from those companies. So, each time a company has a new announcement, article or just wanting to say hello, the message is automatically pushed out to each person who subscribed. Those people can then respond and continue to share that message with their own circle of friends. Those friends can continue to push your message to their friends and so on. This is how ideas go viral through Social Media.

Social Media marketing also an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization because is viewed favorably by the search engines and results in higher rankings in the search results.

We will develop a Social Media marketing strategy specific for your business and implement that strategy. Having a social media page is more than posting office hours, a map to your location and an about page. We will nurture relationships people have with your company, create content, promote customer loyalty, increase your brand awareness, get you more subscribers and drive traffic to your website. This strategy will also focus on the personal goals you have for your company.

Key Benefits:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Encourage people to engage with your company
  • Promote a relationship with your customers

Social Media Includes:

  • Account setup, profile creation, design and page optimization
  • Fan page, business page, blog, channel creation
  • Branding, design and optimization
  • Photo and video creation
  • Content posting, optimization and linking
  • Regular posting and maintenance
  • Adding people to your social networks
  • Updating your website with social integration and analytics
  • Reporting and auditing

Let us develop a Social Media marketing plan on the networks that best fit your industry and the needs of your company.

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