Website Audit

Website Audit

A Website Audit is a deep analysis your website and how the search engines view your website. This involves looking at the structure, content, code, links, titles and practices of your website.

The results of the Website Audit will be provided to you along with which actions will be necessary to address each issue found. Much of this analysis will show how the search engines positively or negatively view your website. Unless your website is viewed favorably by the search engines, any Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click or Local Buzz initiatives will be a waste of your effort and money.

We also use the Website Audit to customize other services we provide that are specific to your needs and industry. This is our chance to better understand your needs and goals.

The search engines are constantly changing the logic they use to determine which websites appear in search results and in which order. Of course all companies wish to achieve the top spot for their chosen keywords. Companies who diligently promote their website and react to the ever-changing environment are be positioned to reap the most visitors.

Key Benefits:

  • Defining target keywords
  • Overview of ranking, backlinks and competition
  • Improve web design and structure
  • Content optimization guidelines
  • Develop a strategy for SEO

Website Audit Report Includes:

  • Market analysis and research
  • Website design and structure analysis
  • Troubleshooting report
  • Backlinks report
  • Content analysis and optimization guidelines
  • Report summary and explanations

The Website Audit is our first step to help you understand the factors affecting your website. The better your website, the more effective your online marketing will be.

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