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Posted on September 2, 2020 by MyNetWire
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Sales leads in any business have the potential to become loyal customers that eventually purchase your products or services, and they are needed in order to grow a business.  But, how can an Indianapolis website design firm generate online leads?  This question depends on a few factors, the most obvious of which are the size of the company and the budget.  If a company is small and financially constrained, you have to consider budget-friendly options that will deliver results without depleting the savings account.

Referrals are probably the cheapest and most effective tool for generating online leads for a firm that builds websites with an Indianapolis website design.  If you have customers that are not only loyal to your brand but also satisfied with your products and services, ask them to mention your company to others.  Many people will quickly ignore emails and cold calls but they are more likely to respond in a positive way to what a friend or family member recommends.
Personal Network

When it comes to referring your products or services, you should also use your network of friends and family members to generate leads.  Even if your social circle is quite small, you likely have business associates, colleagues, and neighbors that might be interested in your business or they would share it with others they know.  Every single person you know is a prospective customer that you can use to generate leads for your firm and you shouldn’t be afraid to use them.

Most professionals have calendars that are filled with networking events, but it never occurs to them to use these gatherings to reach new people.  If you usually avoid networking events, this is a great time to raise your attendance levels.  Networking events enable you to interact directly with people, providing you with the opportunity to form a strong bond that you can use to increase the interest in your brand.  This approach is somewhat challenging since you have to follow up on the individuals you encounter in the weeks and months that follow.
Posted on August 20, 2020 by MyNetWire
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Many small business websites have continued to highlight the importance of moving business functions away from the office.  The reason for this is that the virus restrictions have made traditional operations and practices all but impossible.  Some small businesses are embracing remote workers for the first time, but is that a wise decision?  Can employees really maintain or exceed their level of productivity at home or are they going to be less efficient as professionals have predicted?

The notion of employing remote workers induces fear in some business owners as they believe that a home setting discourages professionalism.  You see this in online meetings that are often conducted in pajamas rather than business attire while children play in the background.  However, these observations suggest that remote workers take a casual approach to their duties and others argue that working at home is better for productivity.

Remote workers are more likely to work longer hours since they don’t have to worry about maintaining a schedule.  Therefore, they are able to commit more time to handling work-related tasks as they have plenty of opportunities to manage their personal needs.

The idea that a home setting boosts productivity rather than delays it has been proven by research.  Not only do remote workers lose ten minutes less per day than office workers but they spend 17% less of their time on avoiding work.  A few small business websites admit that remote workers have to contend with more distractions.  But once they adjust to working from home, their efficiency is far better.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that there’s no longer a commute to work so all of the time that was previously spent traveling can be applied towards finishing tasks at home.  As a result, the flexibility allows remote workers to juggle their personal and professional lives with greater efficiency!
Posted on July 31, 2020 by MyNetWire
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The latest pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation in a way that many business owners never expected.  Particularly since businesses have to identify new ways of operating in response to the stay-at-home orders that were issued by the government, not to mention the limitations due to social distancing.

Even the concept of digital transformation has changed, shifting from a customer centered approach to tactics that are designed to safeguard the health and safety of workers.  This has made the prospect of adopting new forms of technology and methods far more difficult.  The following changes are just a few that some have noted.
Digital Transformation

If an Indianapolis website design firm was undecided about the notion of going through a digital transformation before the pandemic came, they have probably realized that they no longer have a choice.  Companies that could initially compete with their rivals without abandoning traditional techniques have discovered they can’t survive in a post-coronavirus world.  In some cases, digital transformation is no longer an option.  It has become crucial to most businesses that hope to compete favorably in the future.
Health & Safety Matter

For the longest time, digital transformation trends were meant to meet the needs of consumers.  Most strategies that were crafted and deployed by an Indianapolis website design firm revolved around a desire to enhance the customer experience.  Although the customer still matters, workers have become the bigger priority for now.  Many companies are working to develop a variety of methods that can meet the needs of consumers without risking the lives of employees.
The Conventional Office

The pandemic has revealed to small and large businesses that physical premises are not a requirement for success.  Stay-at-home orders made conventional operations all but impossible as many firms were forced to close.  However, business in various parts of the world is proceeding as companies have adopted technology that enable workers to continue working from home.  These latest trends are alarming but they are here to stay for now and any business that wants to survive the pandemic must evolve accordingly.
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