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Posted on June 19, 2017 by MyNetWire
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Most small businesses have the potential to grow through marketing.  However, many business owners fail to appreciate the growth potential of their small business and they never put forth enough effort to efficiently market their business.  Owners of small businesses should place an importance on marketing if they want to ensure their business continues to grow and stay ahead of the competition.  Aside from small business websites, what areas should be a focus when marketing your business?
Every Interaction Is An Opportunity

Whenever a customer or client interacts with one of your employees, they get an idea of what your business is like.  This means every interaction between an employee and a customer is a marketing opportunity.  Despite which department they work for, all employees should be trained to give a positive impression of the business during any interactions with customers. 

Today, employees need to make the customer experience an importance on social media, face-to-face, or when commenting on small business websites.  Small businesses that offer great customer service are more likely to get positive online reviews and recommendations through testimonials.  Online reviews and testimonials are vital for a small business to establish trust with a potential customer, but customer support will separate you from other businesses.

Often, customer issues that are not resolved cause some people to post negative comments about their experience on various outlets.  Address customer issues immediately and offer support to eliminate online complaining so new customers feel confident with their choice.  What reflects well on your business?
Choose Employees Wisely

When you hire new employees, always take into consideration how they can improve the image of your business.  Through content marketing, you should show the environment of your business so quality employees are intrigued to apply.  Quality employees may also serve to assure potential customers that your business is operated by professionals.  Keep in mind, every department plays a role in marketing so choose employees that reflect well on your business!
Posted on June 2, 2017 by MyNetWire
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The ticket to driving a potential customer to your business usually requires communicating why your service or product is the best option on the market.  The value offer and the value proposition are the two approaches used to deliver value.  Each approach has an appropriate time, place, and circumstance so it is important to understand the difference for guiding a customer to the choice that fulfills their needs.  Indianapolis SEO plays a role in attracting customers but which approach is more effective regarding value?
The Potential Value

The value proposition communicates to a customer what value they may potentially be getting by choosing your service or product.  Value must be proven as 74% of consumers select a service or product with the best value.  While the value proposition insinuates potential value, it does not actually add value but merely articulate the possibility for value.
Early in the buying process, the value proposition is a valuable tool to use but it should not be utilized later on.  The main purpose of this approach is to grab the attention of a potential customer then transition to the value offer.  Once the customer is intrigued, the timing will be right for a more specific approach to draw them in further.  How will the value offer influence the decision of a customer?
Value Offer Components

After gaining a customer’s interest through a value proposition and Indianapolis SEO, implement the value offer to convince them your business is a superior choice.  A great value offer should include testimonies from current customers, provide insights that solve problems, and create a sense of urgency by establishing the impact of not choosing your product or service.  Often, the most successful business is one that effectively adds value to a potential customer in ways the competition is unable to match.
Posted on May 16, 2017 by MyNetWire
Categories: Blogging
No longer do effective businesses look to push their message to the masses as the goal is to build quality connections with people who show interest.  When these connections are properly created, these people will promote your brand by telling others about your business which is what effective blogging does.  What blogging practices will give you an advantage over others and make your Indianapolis website design more appealing?
Keys To Great Content

An important part to blogging is creating content that engages a reader month after month.  Blogging tools are a great way for content developers to be more productive as creating engaging content on a regular basis is not an easy task.  There are several tools to choose from such as Buzzsumo that ease the process for bloggers.  They help generate relevant ideas by letting you know which content works best for your niche and the competition.
Each day, a growing number of people are showing a tendency to trust websites that appear to be an authority.  Through your blog, you can add content that helps establish your business is an authority.  Not only should the content be relevant but it should also increase the value of the niche you are in.  The authority your website projects depends upon the content and which Indianapolis website design you implement.  What else is essential for your blog to improve your marketing campaign?
Remember Your Audience

A familiar aspect that gets overlooked is the audience and how they consume your content.  Since mobile devices are frequently used, you need to make an adjustment to how you present the content to your audience.  If analytics show more users are reading the content on smartphones, then you can conclude they are on the go when they visit your website.  Accordingly, use a quality layout that improves structure so readability is easy and visitors enjoy reading your blog.
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