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Posted on June 11, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Based on a study by VitalSmarts, over 90% of workers have experienced abuse at the workplace from those that have superior positions.  The wound left is often psychological, leaving a permanent negative impression on not just the victim but the entire firm.  With such a large percentage of workers being affected by this, ensure that your Indianapolis website design offers your staff an outlet to post various solutions.
The Psychology Behind Power Abuse

Most of the time, an abuser maintains power over a victim through intimidation by citing the various negative results if they resist.  For instance, a manager might abuse a newly hired employee emotionally through insults and threaten to fire them if they fight back.  Those surrounding the abuser might ignore the situation and their inaction to stop the abuse usually inspires the abuser to continue.

Narcissism or rather a lack of empathy is the primary trigger for one to become an abuser.  The abuser fails to consider the pain they inflict on others and refuse to weigh their perceptions.  Often, they only care about the pleasure that comes from having control over their victim.
Why It Persists

Most victims of power abuse are confused about the whole situation, and that prevents them from taking action.  Some hope that the problem will go away with time but unfortunately, it doesn’t, and the suffering continues.  Maybe the abuser is the same person who is in charge of abuse reports; this greatly discourages the victim as legal action will likely be pointless since the abuser might have more money and a higher status.

Some firms have regulations in place to stop workplace bullying but these regulations seldom work.  Perhaps a more effective approach would be to use a support system at an organizational level.  Employees should be trained how to stand up for themselves and for one another without fear.  With a superior Indianapolis website design, your company will have a platform where employees can get advice on how to handle power abuse.
Posted on May 29, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Many companies spend a significant amount of money and time getting new employees.  Some firms use even more funds working with online marketing experts to place work vacancy ads on their small business websites and other platforms.  Through this process, businesses hope to obtain long-term employees as training and interviewing new candidates often leads to downtime.  To cut down on expenses, one tactic that usually works is to hire experienced employees, and here is why.
Limited Training Required

One notable advantage is that mature workers adapt easily, unlike their younger counterparts.  Most firms that hire youthful workers can confirm it takes months, even years, before these workers become productive.  Mature workers have experienced work changes before so they adapt and become more useful quickly.
They Reduce Employee Turnover

Seasoned workers are more interested in the convenience of the commute and job content than career track or salary.  Often, they are concerned with what they’re currently doing than the possibility of a better opportunity elsewhere.  In contrast, younger workers are more interested in salary and career advancement.  Most of them are constantly browsing small business websites in hopes of finding an opportunity with better benefits.
Confident & Efficient

Older workers also have a tendency to not be afraid so they share their ideas and recommendations.  They usually have years of experience in the workplace and have a good understanding of how work can be done more effectively and profitably.  Additionally, part of them being efficient is that they are more likely to know how to avoid mistakes.

Hiring older workers is a clever move but there a few matters to keep in mind.  A worker who is over the age of 50 will think they are more experienced than a younger manager so it may be difficult to deal with.  When you employ such a worker, you need to make it clear from the start that the relationship is employee-boss.  From efficiency and confidence to loyalty and ability to adapt, older workers offer your firm endless benefits!
Posted on May 16, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Great employees can be expensive to acquire but retaining them is even more of a challenge.  Whether you own a firm that specializes in Indianapolis website design or a multinational company, employee turnover might be a threat to smooth business operations.  So, why do employees leave?

Many people are quick to cite dissatisfaction with the work but often the problem is with the character and goals of the employee.  Perhaps the best way to retain a worker is to ask the right questions to help determine if they are eager to remain with the company.  Here are some questions to ask during the interview that will reveal who is a phony to ensure you only hire those who are dedicated to your company.
What Are Your Strongest Values?

Of course, most potential employees will be quick to mention all of their best characteristics they can recall.  That’s why you should research each one to discover if what they claim is true.  The best values to look for in an employee include generosity, brilliance, and the ability to work on a team.
How Do You Respond To Certain Situations?

This question is great for presenting a potential employee with different scenarios and gauging their ability to come up with great solutions quickly.  Some people are persistent in dealing with challenges and others search for the easy way out, but the goal is to find an employee that will benefit your company long-term.
What Is Your Life Mission?

Often, a question like this will cause them to tell you about their innate desires and selfish goals.  Candidates that are devoted to your company’s line of work will likely stay longer than those who have a different passion.
Employee turnover is a problem that has deep roots in other issues such as the supervisor-employee relationship and worker satisfaction.  The objective is to address these areas so use an Indianapolis website design that offers employees an outlet for voicing their thoughts.
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