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Posted on May 16, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Great employees can be expensive to acquire but retaining them is even more of a challenge.  Whether you own a firm that specializes in Indianapolis website design or a multinational company, employee turnover might be a threat to smooth business operations.  So, why do employees leave?

Many people are quick to cite dissatisfaction with the work but often the problem is with the character and goals of the employee.  Perhaps the best way to retain a worker is to ask the right questions to help determine if they are eager to remain with the company.  Here are some questions to ask during the interview that will reveal who is a phony to ensure you only hire those who are dedicated to your company.
What Are Your Strongest Values?

Of course, most potential employees will be quick to mention all of their best characteristics they can recall.  That’s why you should research each one to discover if what they claim is true.  The best values to look for in an employee include generosity, brilliance, and the ability to work on a team.
How Do You Respond To Certain Situations?

This question is great for presenting a potential employee with different scenarios and gauging their ability to come up with great solutions quickly.  Some people are persistent in dealing with challenges and others search for the easy way out, but the goal is to find an employee that will benefit your company long-term.
What Is Your Life Mission?

Often, a question like this will cause them to tell you about their innate desires and selfish goals.  Candidates that are devoted to your company’s line of work will likely stay longer than those who have a different passion.
Employee turnover is a problem that has deep roots in other issues such as the supervisor-employee relationship and worker satisfaction.  The objective is to address these areas so use an Indianapolis website design that offers employees an outlet for voicing their thoughts.
Posted on May 7, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Did you know that US residents spent over 23 billion dollars on Mother’s Day purchases in 2017?  That was a 10% increase from 2016 and experts are forecasting that those expenditures might increase even further this year.  As a marketer, it’s your time to make the most of the fast-approaching Mother’s Day and maximize your profits with these brilliant marketing tips below.
Personalized Gift Cards

Some retail giants allow their customers to define the appearance of their gift cards, whether individuals or companies, and the strategy works really well.  You could try using the same tactic to attract customers while advertising your brand.  Be innovative with unique color patterns to increase the effectiveness and use fancy graphics suited for Mother’s Day.
Use Social Outlets

Statistics indicate that more than 80% of Americans are on social media, particularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  That automatically makes social media a great avenue for announcing discounts, special promotions, and other offers.

Make short videos of what you offer and post them on social media before Mother’s Day, but take into consideration many people love winning items so hold contests.  This will give your small business some publicity and definitely generate additional traffic that could result in sales.  Remember to link all social marketing posts to small business websites where customers get more information about your products and make online purchases.
Email Marketing

This marketing method is still fairly useful but mostly for those who are looking to boost foot traffic.  Assemble your team and have a brainstorming session on email marketing targeted at the existing client base.  Whether the goal is to boost profits, create awareness, or some other objective, ensure the message reinforces that you care about your customers.

The key point to keep in mind is that Mother’s Day campaigns should be consistent.  Although some groups may receive better deals, your strategy should be the same across small business websites, social media outlets, and emails.
Posted on April 24, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Although some marketers believe content marketing is pricey, the truth is that it’s much cheaper and often more effective than conventional marketing.  For instance, it typically cost around 60% less than outbound marketing but generates three times the number of leads.  Furthermore, research from reputable sources indicates internet users prefer learning about brands through articles rather than advertisements.

If you want to gain authority in your industry and grow your clientele, use an Indianapolis website design and invest in content marketing too.  But, not all content is effective so go over the following content marketing tips to ensure your website remains superior.
Understand Your Audience

In order to create with a purpose, you need to know your ideal audience in terms of gender, age, location, and their interests.  Analyze your current followers and request that they answer a short survey so you may know them better.  The more you learn about your audience, the easier it will be to generate content they view as being valuable.  As a result, you could see an increase in your audience as more visitors enjoy the content on your website.
Diversify Your Approach

Maybe you have a lot of great content and use an Indianapolis website design but your reader base has not reached your expectations.  Instead of developing fresh content, try posting your existing content to other platforms like social media.  It can be very beneficial for your business as you get to reach new readers and direct them all to your website.
Employ Online Videos

Nearly everyone knows the impact video can make for any business as it is the most effective content.  Therefore, create short videos and place them on various platforms to inform potential clients about your products with a link to your website.  While content marketing is an excellent means of publicizing your products, it should be used in conjunction with other techniques to achieve the best results!
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