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Posted on April 25, 2019 by MyNetWire
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Do you feel overwhelmed by the numerous tools and strategies that marketing experts keep talking about?  Maybe your goal as a small business owner is to keep everything simple and just seize the opportunities that are available for your business to expand.  Take into account the following questions to streamline your marketing plan so you avoid wasting time and money.
How Much Revenue Growth Do You Need?

Most business owners want their businesses to grow, but unfortunately, several of them aren’t sure about how much growth they want to attain.  In order to invest money and achieve growth, start by making allocations in the budget for marketing based on the projected revenue growth.  For instance, some businesses invest 5 to 10 percent of their annual budget and 10 to 15 hours each week to achieve 10 percent revenue growth.
Who Are Your Customers?

There are many different types of customers based on economic classes, age, location, and other factors.  Some customers enjoy browsing through small business websites to view and purchase products while others prefer to go to the actual store.

Whether you market through digital methods like small business websites or traditional means like TV ads, understanding your customers can go a long way towards coming up with a campaign that reaches the right people.  As a matter of fact, many businesses have been able to cut down on marketing costs just by stopping ineffective campaigns.

Marketing is a huge part of business that can easily determine the amount of success you’re going to achieve.  By addressing the two questions listed here and answering them honestly, you stand a greater chance of creating an effective marketing plan that will lead to growth.  When creating a plan, consider segmenting your customers into groups and think of a strategy that reaches each group the best way based on your budget!
Posted on March 20, 2019 by MyNetWire
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A stunning Indianapolis website design will keep visitors engaged but it might not be very effective in bringing new traffic to your website in the first place.  However, SEO tactics work better when it comes to attracting more people to your website.  The point is, not every marketing tactic produces the same result in overcoming common problems.  Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for marketing tactics to fail from time to time.  Here are common marketing issues and practical solutions for them.
Reduce Marketing Expenses

Are you spending too much on advertising and aren’t seeing the results you had in mind?  You likely want to lower the amount you spend on marketing without sacrificing your reach.  In that case, the first solution you should consider trying is word of mouth advertising.

If your business has many local customers, this should be relatively easy since you can just ask existing customers and friends to help spread the word about your products.  Aside from that, another great way to use word of mouth advertising is to engage customers on social media.  When you leverage social media to boost your business, try interacting with customers informally and talk about topics that benefit them.
Low Views On Search Engines

Often, there are several other businesses in your niche that have a website.  Today, competition is increasing and it could be the leading reason why your views are low.  To solve that problem, implement a great SEO strategy using specific keywords to reach your targeted audience and assess the results frequently.

When traffic arrives at your website, make sure you keep them engaged with great content and a captivating Indianapolis website design.  With marketing, it is important to realize that there’s no end-all solution.  Thus, you should always evaluate your business and the market thoroughly then seek to discover which methods will work best for your business!
Posted on November 26, 2018 by MyNetWire
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According to statistics from 2017, the winter holidays brought in an estimated $830 billion with in-store and online sales revenue.  That’s undeniable proof that the holiday season presents a perfect opportunity for your business to exceed with regard to sales.  However, the holidays also bring about fierce competition among businesses as most owners are well aware many people tend to shop during this time.  Here are a few strategies to help you surpass the competition and make more sales this year.
Offer Discounts

Nowadays, a majority of consumers are aware of the competition going on among businesses and they’re determined to make the most of it by looking for great deals.  One of the best tactics for winning buyers over is to offer discounts and sales.
Provide Gift Suggestions

With all the information that a consumer is being fed by both businesses and friends, it’s easy for them to get confused with regard to what gifts they should buy.  Therefore, prepare an email campaign that provides your subscribers with gift ideas and incorporate shopping buttons to take them to the product page.
Set The Mood

The Christmas season has many unique themes by which it is recognized.  If you incorporate these themes into your Indianapolis website design, you set the right mood for shoppers so they are more likely to buy when they visit your website.
Take Advantage Of Mobile Marketing

Studies have shown that consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to shop.  Hence, it’s wise that you use a responsive Indianapolis website design that does well, not only on desktops but also on mobile devices.
Make The Most Of Social Media

Social media is a platform that makes it possible for you to reach out to potential buyers from all over.  Create a profile on platforms like Facebook and YouTube where you can showcase your business.  Even if your brand is small, you shouldn’t feel threatened by big brands.  Social media and your website offer you a great chance to get your own market share and the tips above should be helpful!
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