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Posted on April 24, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Although some marketers believe content marketing is pricey, the truth is that it’s much cheaper and often more effective than conventional marketing.  For instance, it typically cost around 60% less than outbound marketing but generates three times the number of leads.  Furthermore, research from reputable sources indicates internet users prefer learning about brands through articles rather than advertisements.

If you want to gain authority in your industry and grow your clientele, use an Indianapolis website design and invest in content marketing too.  But, not all content is effective so go over the following content marketing tips to ensure your website remains superior.
Understand Your Audience

In order to create with a purpose, you need to know your ideal audience in terms of gender, age, location, and their interests.  Analyze your current followers and request that they answer a short survey so you may know them better.  The more you learn about your audience, the easier it will be to generate content they view as being valuable.  As a result, you could see an increase in your audience as more visitors enjoy the content on your website.
Diversify Your Approach

Maybe you have a lot of great content and use an Indianapolis website design but your reader base has not reached your expectations.  Instead of developing fresh content, try posting your existing content to other platforms like social media.  It can be very beneficial for your business as you get to reach new readers and direct them all to your website.
Employ Online Videos

Nearly everyone knows the impact video can make for any business as it is the most effective content.  Therefore, create short videos and place them on various platforms to inform potential clients about your products with a link to your website.  While content marketing is an excellent means of publicizing your products, it should be used in conjunction with other techniques to achieve the best results!
Posted on March 19, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Based on statistics from the Pew Research Center and other institutions, more than 65% of adults in the United States are on social media.  Worldwide, over 1 billion users visit Facebook and Twitter daily.  Additionally, more than 50 million firms have Facebook pages for promoting their brands.

Do you see how important social media is when it comes to marketing?  One of the most brilliant ways of marketing on social outlets is to use the strategies below for visitors to subscribe to your email list through small business websites.
Live Videos

Through Facebook and Instagram, live videos have an extensive reach so use these channels to promote your products and announce special offers.  After posting these videos, engage your audience by replying to their questions and monitoring their reactions in real time.  Once you have recorded the live video, upload it to other social channels such as YouTube to interact with a different audience.
A Taste Of Premium Deals

It doesn’t matter if you sell physical items or services as social sites are a great platform for showcasing your work in ways that satisfy the curiosity of the audience.  If you deal in digital products like eBooks, try distributing a free sample while businesses that offer goods should publish a video about their finest goods.
Always Include A CTA

A CTA, or call to action, is an effective means of getting users to visit small business websites and subscribe to your newsletter.  Consider creating a link on your posts that directs traffic to your website; just make sure there’s an eye-catching button or pop-up that invites them to sign up to your email list.  Free is an appealing word to most people.  The easiest path towards growing your email list through social media marketing is to entice users to subscribe for a chance to win a free product or service!
Posted on February 21, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Based on a study from one of the world leading video companies, more than 90% of businesses agree that how-to videos boost user comprehension of products.  In fact, many researchers find video to be the most invaluable form of content for marketing on small business websites.  To be effective, your target audience needs to see it and the message must be precise.  Take into consideration these factors before venturing into video marketing.
Focus On Your Brand

These days, video marketers get carried away with filming concepts.  They tend to seek out exotic sites for filming and hire the latest upcoming musician to be the face of their campaign.  Not to say that hiring a famous person to help increase awareness for your product is wrong but never go overboard and forget vital aspects of your brand.  Instead, be creative in an open-minded manner as it increases the possibility of coming up with a unique way of selling your products.
Viewers Preference On Video Duration

Some people think longer videos get results but research shows ads with a length of 15 seconds are about 75% more effective than those with a length of 30 seconds.  This is likely due to the fact that viewers value their time and short videos often leave out irrelevant information.  Rather than telling your whole story in one video, try creating a series of videos that presents the information in stages and it will keep the viewer interested.

The first place where a majority of entrepreneurs put their videos is on small business websites.  With video marketing, the goal is to showcase your videos to as many potential customers as possible so seek out every possible outlet.  Post on social channels that support video such as Facebook and YouTube.  But, don’t forget to link back to small business websites or your investment in video may not generate the outcome you had in mind.
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