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Posted on June 22, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Working from home is growing more popular, likely because of the many benefits it offers.  For instance, you’re able to save on office rent and fuel costs or transportation expenses incurred while traveling to and from the office.  Additionally, it fosters a better work-life balance.

Nonetheless, there’s an issue that always surfaces when considering home-based work.  How do you deal with the associated distractions?  The following are a few ways in which you can avoid disruptions and remain productive while working from home.
Connect With Colleagues & Clients

Keep in touch with your colleagues and clients through regular meetings, maybe over coffee or virtually through a video call.  That way, you can discuss important work matters and perhaps even brainstorm to find solutions on various issues.  Furthermore, take the time to browse small business websites and join in the community discussions.
Prepare For Regular Work Days

If you were preparing to go to the office, you would probably brush your teeth, dress up, and have some coffee or breakfast.  What you would do on a typical workday, make sure you also do it when preparing for a workday at home.  This will tune your mind in for work and fire up your energy to be productive so you stay focused the entire day.
Let your friends and family know that you’re working and instruct them not to bother you until the workday is over.  Another major source of distraction for home-based workers is the TV so never turn it on during your working hours.
Set A Schedule

When working remotely, always subdivide your work into tasks that need to be accomplished for that day.  As a result, you will be able to manage your time efficiently and become more dedicated to your work.  Check the tasks as you complete them so you can view your progress and stay motivated.

One tactic that usually works for those struggling to remain productive while working remotely is to allocate time for breaks.  Rather than working nonstop, make time for breaks at least every 2 hours and visit small business websites regularly to gather new ideas.
Posted on June 11, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Based on a study by VitalSmarts, over 90% of workers have experienced abuse at the workplace from those that have superior positions.  The wound left is often psychological, leaving a permanent negative impression on not just the victim but the entire firm.  With such a large percentage of workers being affected by this, ensure that your Indianapolis website design offers your staff an outlet to post various solutions.
The Psychology Behind Power Abuse

Most of the time, an abuser maintains power over a victim through intimidation by citing the various negative results if they resist.  For instance, a manager might abuse a newly hired employee emotionally through insults and threaten to fire them if they fight back.  Those surrounding the abuser might ignore the situation and their inaction to stop the abuse usually inspires the abuser to continue.

Narcissism or rather a lack of empathy is the primary trigger for one to become an abuser.  The abuser fails to consider the pain they inflict on others and refuse to weigh their perceptions.  Often, they only care about the pleasure that comes from having control over their victim.
Why It Persists

Most victims of power abuse are confused about the whole situation, and that prevents them from taking action.  Some hope that the problem will go away with time but unfortunately, it doesn’t, and the suffering continues.  Maybe the abuser is the same person who is in charge of abuse reports; this greatly discourages the victim as legal action will likely be pointless since the abuser might have more money and a higher status.

Some firms have regulations in place to stop workplace bullying but these regulations seldom work.  Perhaps a more effective approach would be to use a support system at an organizational level.  Employees should be trained how to stand up for themselves and for one another without fear.  With a superior Indianapolis website design, your company will have a platform where employees can get advice on how to handle power abuse.
Posted on May 29, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Many companies spend a significant amount of money and time getting new employees.  Some firms use even more funds working with online marketing experts to place work vacancy ads on their small business websites and other platforms.  Through this process, businesses hope to obtain long-term employees as training and interviewing new candidates often leads to downtime.  To cut down on expenses, one tactic that usually works is to hire experienced employees, and here is why.
Limited Training Required

One notable advantage is that mature workers adapt easily, unlike their younger counterparts.  Most firms that hire youthful workers can confirm it takes months, even years, before these workers become productive.  Mature workers have experienced work changes before so they adapt and become more useful quickly.
They Reduce Employee Turnover

Seasoned workers are more interested in the convenience of the commute and job content than career track or salary.  Often, they are concerned with what they’re currently doing than the possibility of a better opportunity elsewhere.  In contrast, younger workers are more interested in salary and career advancement.  Most of them are constantly browsing small business websites in hopes of finding an opportunity with better benefits.
Confident & Efficient

Older workers also have a tendency to not be afraid so they share their ideas and recommendations.  They usually have years of experience in the workplace and have a good understanding of how work can be done more effectively and profitably.  Additionally, part of them being efficient is that they are more likely to know how to avoid mistakes.

Hiring older workers is a clever move but there a few matters to keep in mind.  A worker who is over the age of 50 will think they are more experienced than a younger manager so it may be difficult to deal with.  When you employ such a worker, you need to make it clear from the start that the relationship is employee-boss.  From efficiency and confidence to loyalty and ability to adapt, older workers offer your firm endless benefits!
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