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Posted on April 12, 2018 by MyNetWire
For several years now, one of the main topics of discussion here in the U.S. has been the possibility of a fifteen dollar minimum wage.  Recently, a few states, including California, New York, and Washington, have started raising their minimum wage.  As a result, this has caused business owners to ask many questions.  The main question being, what is that going to do to the economy with regard to the effect on small businesses?
Short-Term Effects

Looking at it superficially, a $15 minimum wage is beneficial, especially for the consumer.  Employed individuals comprise the biggest portion of the economy’s pool of consumers and when they earn more, they have extra money to spend on their needs.  Almost immediately after a raise, you will notice people start buying better goods and services.
Long-Term Results

One vital aspect about small businesses is that they usually don’t have very many options when it comes to financing.  Therefore, a drastic increase in the minimum wage is a severe strain on their already-stressed financial status.  Often, the only way out for most of them is to transfer the increase in labor costs to the buyer.  So, even if the consumer had more to spend, the buying power of their money gradually plummets.

Frequently, when a small company is obliged to pay employees a higher wage, it forces them to lay off a few members of their staff.  For instance, if some employees are assigned to working on small business websites, they may lay off half of the team and retain the other half to handle all the tasks.
The Effect On Economy

A minimum wage of $15 would create the ideal conditions for a gradual shift to a gig economy.  Rather than hiring full-time workers, firms hire freelancers and work with contractors so they receive more work without transferring the burden to the consumer.  Technology is also going to play a key role as businesses will use better software to manage small business websites in order to boost profits.
Posted on April 2, 2018 by MyNetWire
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The world is moving at a pace that requires businesses to always be thinking about their next move.  Occasionally, there’s a new form of technology or a new business model being invented and business people are usually the most affected.  For example, lately, marketing is shifting increasingly from traditional forms to digital forms, which means businesses must embrace it or risk losing customers.  Though such disruptions are unsettling, the following strategies will help you sustain and strive well into the future.
Use A Multifaceted Approach To Reach Customers

Today, you can’t rely on just one means of communication to reach a customer so use a variety of ways.  Try sending them a greeting card, ask them to complete a brief survey, send emails regularly, and possibly call them periodically.  That way, you’re able to show that you care but exercise some restraint to avoid overwhelming them.
Use Calls To Action

A few marketers write numerous blog posts about their products or utilize an Indianapolis website design without prompting readers to take any action.  The goal is to get readers to take action once they arrive at your website so ask clients to send referrals or leave a testimonial for readers to feel reassured about your products or services.
Of course, you should offer a favor in return for this as it not only reinforces customer loyalty but it also gives your business some exposure amidst the disruption.  Think of what other successful businesses have done in their industry and implement similar methods that your customers find extremely efficient and convenient.

Businesses that fail to adapt to the changing times tend to lose a big portion of their client base.  If you don’t want to suffer the same fate, make it easy for the customer to do business with you.  One way you can do that is to incorporate digital ordering and payment into your Indianapolis website design.
Posted on March 19, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Based on statistics from the Pew Research Center and other institutions, more than 65% of adults in the United States are on social media.  Worldwide, over 1 billion users visit Facebook and Twitter daily.  Additionally, more than 50 million firms have Facebook pages for promoting their brands.

Do you see how important social media is when it comes to marketing?  One of the most brilliant ways of marketing on social outlets is to use the strategies below for visitors to subscribe to your email list through small business websites.
Live Videos

Through Facebook and Instagram, live videos have an extensive reach so use these channels to promote your products and announce special offers.  After posting these videos, engage your audience by replying to their questions and monitoring their reactions in real time.  Once you have recorded the live video, upload it to other social channels such as YouTube to interact with a different audience.
A Taste Of Premium Deals

It doesn’t matter if you sell physical items or services as social sites are a great platform for showcasing your work in ways that satisfy the curiosity of the audience.  If you deal in digital products like eBooks, try distributing a free sample while businesses that offer goods should publish a video about their finest goods.
Always Include A CTA

A CTA, or call to action, is an effective means of getting users to visit small business websites and subscribe to your newsletter.  Consider creating a link on your posts that directs traffic to your website; just make sure there’s an eye-catching button or pop-up that invites them to sign up to your email list.  Free is an appealing word to most people.  The easiest path towards growing your email list through social media marketing is to entice users to subscribe for a chance to win a free product or service!
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