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The Percentage Of Workers That Are Pursuing Better Opportunities
Posted on September 6, 2022 by MyNetWire
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The percentage of American workers that are pursuing better opportunities might surprise you.  Most small business websites indicate that 86% of Americans work, most of whom are doing so for stability or financial benefits.  That means about 15% of the population truly seek something new and take a chance to find fulfillment.
What makes this number relatively small is that only about one-third will take any action beyond just thinking about changing their situation in life.  Many people think about a change in careers but never take any action to make that change become a reality.
Why Are So Few Pursuing Better Opportunities?
This poll aims to understand why someone would be looking for a better opportunity.  The top reasons workers choose to move on is probably due to them being unhappy with their work conditions or the position they hold in the company.  The next two choices are likely related to the same cause of unhappiness, “better hours” and “more money”.
Unsurprisingly, younger generations are less happy with their current jobs than older workers.  The final choice about passion for the industry is interesting if you compare it with the age of workers.  The answer is evident when you ask someone in their 20’s if they would rather make less money at a job they love or make more money at a job they hate.
How Can This Statistic Be Improved?
If workers were happier with their jobs, they would refrain from leaving as often.  According to small business websites, the key to improving this number is to make employees feel as though they contribute to the business and are also appreciated by other members of the company.
The final step in improving this statistic is to develop an employee-focused company culture that ensure every employee feels like they are an essential part.  The percentage of people who have found better opportunities through their careers is considerably higher than the number of people employed at one time.  In other words, a large percentage of the workforce have found themselves in a position where they are wanting to move up in the world and change their life for the better!
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