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Posted on October 21, 2022 by MyNetWire
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Email is one of the most powerful communication tools that nearly every business uses, and consequently, it is a tool that can be abused especially if you neglect to incorporate it properly when it comes to an Indianapolis website design.  Often, employees are easily overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails they receive each day from a business and choose to ignore them before even opening them.  The following reasons are why employees might be ignoring your emails.
Too Many Topics & Multiple Links
It has become common for people to send emails with many topics and links to multiple websites.  However, as most people know, employees have this tendency not to take the time to read through long emails and focus only on key points.  To avoid this issue of employees ignoring your emails, it is best if you use an Indianapolis website design to steer clear of sending mixed messages in your correspondence.  Sending too many messages at once can make it difficult to comprehend the core message.
Sent During Inconvenient Or Inconsistent Times
Unwanted emails can slow down a company’s responsiveness during a critical time and ultimately lower productivity.  Your emails could be received at inconvenient times or conveniently right after lunch without any time for employees to get their work done.  This means that when you’re working on your computer, employees would have to stop working to open your email.  Instead, try sending them during the day or earlier in the evening when people have more time to reply.
Bland Subject Lines
If you have ever thought that your emails are going nowhere, you might want to reconsider your subject lines.  Nobody wants to click on a bland subject line, even if they know the sender.  What matters is what the email is about and how you present it.  Aside from that, there’s a good chance your emails will be ignored and you are doing the same to them.
Therefore, always try to find ways of writing an intriguing subject line so it captures the reader’s attention.  If your company does not offer training on email etiquette, many employees might feel disconnected from the company and think it is too formal or boring to read.  Some of them could stop reading your emails altogether, and you might not even know about it!
Posted on October 18, 2022 by MyNetWire
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Productivity is an integral component that businesses track to measure their overall performance.  Even the most professional and efficient individuals struggle to stay on top of their workload, especially with the modern distractions today that can easily take over.  Small business websites have revealed that the most successful companies find ways to increase their productivity without sacrificing quality.  The key tools that streamline productivity vary depending on the industry, but these two generally hold true for most of them.
Marketing & Sales Tools
Marketing and sales tools can make life easier for an organization by helping them streamline productivity and improve efficiency.  Marketing and sales tools improve the level of productivity by keeping employees aware of customers’ orders, promoting the product or service to customers, and by managing customer relationships.  When employees are kept aware of customer orders, they can better serve the customer as orders come in.
Employees will be more likely to know what the customer wants, thus creating a better experience for them and possibly maintaining a long-term business relationship with each customer.  That is important as it helps keep individual employees accountable for their work as there is no room for mistakes since all of their co-workers know what is happening.  For instance, customer management software can assist sales teams in building better sales campaigns for small business websites, tracking client communications and managing new leads.
Human Resources
Human resource (HR) software solutions streamline productivity by allowing organizations to manage their data effectively.  That increases productivity by allowing staff, executives, and managers to access all necessary information at any time.  With an HR tool in place, employees can utilize data regularly, making it easier for them to do their job with less stress and more efficiency.
HR software solutions can also improve productivity by hiring the right person for the job.  These human resource tools allow companies to screen applicants quickly and determine who will be hired.  The more employees know how to manage their time and energy, the more productive and efficient they are.  No one wants to spend several hours on a project that could be accomplished in minutes.  That’s why many human resource and marketing tools have been developed specifically to help streamline productivity and improve efficiency.
Posted on October 14, 2022 by MyNetWire
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The Internet has made it easier to do business with people worldwide, whether you’re buying a product online from another country or improving an Indianapolis website design for your client.  An aspect that often gets overlooked regarding cybersecurity is protecting your business network.
Since there’s an ease of access, it’s easier for others to steal credit card information and gain entry to computers.  Fortunately, there are many ways to shield your network from these threats by investing in security practices and implementing physical protection.  Here are three basic steps you need to take to set up a secure Wi-Fi network.
Use Media Access Control Authentication
The easiest way to protect your business’s Wi-Fi from unauthorized users is by using MAC authentication.  It’s also easy for businesses with an Indianapolis website design to share their password amongst employees or other parties but don’t want others accessing their secure networks, like HR or the sales department.  In this case, you can establish separate networks for private and public use.  Your public network can be a low-key network, and you can have the maximum security for your business/private network.
Hide The Service Set Identifier
If you have a new business or changing locations, hiding your Wi-Fi network from the outside world is essential.  You’ll need an Internet service provider that doesn’t have an access point name or management credentials associated with it to work.  The reason for this is that these services could be spoofed and connected back up as yours, making them easy targets.  You can also disable your SSID in public settings to avoid people with a wireless access point when identifying your network signal.
Always Use A Strong Password
No matter how many other security measure you implement, all the passwords will be worthless if the Wi-Fi network isn’t secure.  Therefore, to keep your business’s network secure, you should use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols, especially one symbol and keep it as long as you can.  The longer it is, the better, change it every three months and don’t use the same password for several business accounts.
A strong password will keep hackers at bay and provide an extra layer of protection against malware and scams.  Securing these networks with strong passwords, access controls, and firewalls is vital.  However, when your business has been targeted by a hacker and the attacker is still on the network, you have a bigger problem that needs attention.
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