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Posted on January 9, 2019 by MyNetWire
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Growth might seem like a good turning point but that isn’t always the case for some businesses.  One of the problems associated with growth is the difficulty that comes along with serving all customers efficiently.  Also, many businesses tend to get carried away, focusing on seizing more opportunities, and lose their uniqueness in the process.  The following strategies will help you achieve sustainable growth.
Be Transparent

You may specialize in offering an Indianapolis website design and usually have 50 clients a year but now the number has increased to 200.  With only 50 clients, you had the time to explain to clients the process of building their website and what factors affect their SEO.  Now that your business has grown, you likely feel that you’re not able to be as thorough as before.

The benefit of transparency is that it provides value beyond money, thereby instilling trust and loyalty to clients.  So, rather than focusing on closing sales, perhaps it’s better to continue showing your clients how they benefit from an Indianapolis website design.  In the long term, this approach will be better for business as opposed to expanding your client base.
Serve All Customers Equally

As your business grows, you might be tempted to attend to the needs of clients who do the most business with you and ignore smaller clients.  While this may seem like a good idea for business at the moment, it’s not very beneficial for building your reputation.  Often, people label your business as not being loyal since the focus is mostly on money rather than service and value.
Be Unique

Naturally, people don’t like change too much and that’s why a simple change such as altering the company logo might have adverse affects.  Even after achieving unrivaled success, retain the aspects that the market identifies you by.  Nevertheless, growth can be a troublesome time if you don’t have an essential strategy in place for dealing with more customers!
Posted on December 31, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Nowadays, large firms benefit a lot from what technology has to offer, including the ability to reach potential customers and optimize sales.  However, many businesses are putting more emphasis on technology than on nurturing a thriving relationship with the consumer.  As a result, this is an area where small businesses get to be competitive.  Here are some customer-focused strategies for 2019.
Keep Customer Service First

Despite the convenience that online shopping offers, many customers prefer to go to an actual store to experience better customer service and have their questions answered.  If you’re an online retailer, you can still offer a superior experience to customers.

Use ideas from the top small business websites when creating sections targeted at making a visitor feel welcome and help them learn more about your business.  Make sure you have a comprehensive about us page, a products page, and a contact us page where visitors can easily reach you.
Build Trust

Research indicates that while only about 48% of the population trust a big business, as many as 98% trust a small business.  The misuse of personal information is just one of the reasons why trust has diminished.  In order to build trust, engage more with your customers and think of creative ways to give back.  Some small business websites have online communities and live chats that are effective for engaging a customer and building trust.
Embrace The Trends

Studies have shown that even though consumers like to think of their purchasing decisions being based on reason, they’re actually based more on emotion.  Trends are important and as a business owner, you need to adapt to them if you want to be successful long-term.  If you feel that big brands might take some of your customers, you know now that you can take action and it starts with providing a better experience to customers.
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A recent study revealed that in 2017, more than 95% of consumers looked for a local business on the internet.  That is more than enough proof that having a good online presence today is vital for business success.  Although many businesses invest in an Indianapolis website design, having a great website isn’t the only focus for most businesses.  There are other ways in which a business can have a splendid online presence and it’s up to you to determine which ones are effective.
Social Media

Do your products have a good visual capacity for drawing consumers to them?  If so, then the most important online tool is social media.  Examples of businesses that perform the best on social media include photography, tailoring, and other handcrafted items.  There are a variety of social media platforms so consider engaging with each one to attract as many visitors as possible.
E-commerce Stores

E-commerce stores are platforms that help you sell your products on the internet and receive payments through electronic methods.  These are always great for consumer goods, especially items like Christmas cards, toys, necklaces, and watches.  A lot of people like to use this platform for the convenience it offers.
Google My Business

This is for businesses that have a physical location or store that’s open to customers.  If you don’t already have a Google My Business listing, it’s time to get one.  With this, you make it easier for people to discover your business by sharing your physical address and contact information.  You may also link your website to the listing if you have one so people can learn more about your business.

When you have adequate resources and you’re dedicated to giving your business the best exposure, consider implementing all of these tools.  Create a website or update the one you have with engaging content and use an Indianapolis website design.  Follow this guide to ensure your business is taking advantage of every opportunity to obtain the online presence you have in mind.
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