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3 Free Online Marketing Tools to Help Your Campaign Go From Good to Great
Posted on July 14, 2015 by MyNetWire
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No matter how big or small your business, marketing to an online audience certainly isn't cheap. It can take several months to a year, for example, for any Indianapolis search engine optimization (SEO) campaign to gain steam. This can be especially frustrating when one realizes that 93% of all experiences on the web start with an online search engine.
But did you know that there are tools and resources available to you that, when combined with your existing Internet marketing services, can make your campaign go from good to great? Surprisingly, there are a number of online marketing and Indianapolis search engine optimization tools on the web that don't cost a dime. When 39% of all customers now come directly from search engines, it's a win-win situation to take advantage of these tools.
Want to make your online marketing campaign a little more successful without paying any more money than you already are? Here are three of our favorite -- and 100% free! -- digital media marketing tools on the web today:
Indianapolis Search Engine Optimization's Infographic Generator
Did you know that the average web user will only read about 28% of the content displayed on any given web page? When this information is organized into an easily-digestible graphic, however, this percentage rises significantly. That's where and its free data visualization software comes in. Creating infographics to complement your content has never been easier.'s Image Database
Most Internet users will develop an impression of a brand within just 10 seconds of viewing its website. And when the images you use on your website play a significant role in this impression, you can't afford to use awkward stock photography.'s image database is entirely free and unlimited for you to use -- and they already provide the HTML image attribution for you to copy and paste!
HubSpot's Topic Generator
Creating exciting, engaging content is a cornerstone of all search engine optimization campaigns. However, finding inspiration for this content can sometimes be a pain. That's where HubSpot's topic generator can be an indispensable aid. Simply type in your nouns or topics, click a button, and you'll be given a content topic that's ready for you to write about.
Know of any other free Internet marketing services and tools that can help with a digital marketing campaign? Share with us.
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