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3 Holiday Marketing Tactics Every Small Business Should Implement
Posted on December 4, 2017 by MyNetWire
Categories: Marketing
As an entrepreneur, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind while running your business is the marketing budget.  In order to maximize earnings, you need to minimize advertising expenses but still continue to reach new customers each year.  At the same time, you want to make sure the methods you use will be effective at promoting your business.  Here are a few efficient marketing strategies to deploy during the holiday season.

Around the holidays, a familiar sight is to see gifts being exchanged.  If your business offers products, this is a great time to issue samples of your products as gifts to potential customers.  That way, people who might have had doubts regarding your products will have the opportunity to check them out for free.  Some of these people may like your products and convert into a loyal customer.

Sampling is an excellent marketing method that is especially effective in the service industry.  If you operate a beauty parlor, consider providing free hair dressing for a specific time on a weekday.  Leverage small business websites to notify locals about the offer while reaching a larger audience online.
Holiday Cards

During the holidays, numerous people enjoy sending and receiving holiday cards.  Capitalize on this tradition by sending existing and prospective customers a card or email wishing them happy holidays.  In the message, include your distinctive branding and throw in a personal touch by adding a link to your small business websites.
Holiday Fairs

Hometown fairs are very common around the holiday season.  When you participate in these fairs, you not only get an opportunity for new sales but you also gain the locals goodwill.  An added benefit of fairs is that they often attract tourists, which gives your business a chance to get exposure beyond the local area.  Use these tactics to your advantage for the holidays or you might miss out on many opportunities with potential customers.
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