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5 Reasons Why It Might Be Time For A New Website
Posted on January 3, 2017 by MyNetWire
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There are a many reasons it may be time for a new website but maybe the best indicator is that your business website no longer generates leads.  The first impression of your business that visitors will likely see is your website so it needs to be very symbolic of your brand’s image.  With each passing year, technology seems to improve and your website may look outdated.  At what point will you decide it’s time for a new website?
Website Questions To Ask Yourself
Your website may have been great when it was first designed but technology and competition significantly impacts that over time.  Maybe two other businesses in the same industry have created a website and used an Indianapolis website design.  More than 50% of Google searches happen from mobile devices such as a tablet or smart phone.  Is your small business website responsive and user-friendly?
A responsive website gives visitors the same look from any device which is critical for keeping a potential customer interested in your business.  Secondly, your website should be engaging, uncluttered, and easy to navigate to indicate your business is up-to-date.
One sign that reveals it may be time for a new website is the speed of your current website.  Many people have little patience for a website to load and often leave before waiting.  If your website isn’t fast, responsive, and user-friendly then it could be time for a new website!
Implement What Visitors Want
Not only do visitors spend less time on a slow website but Google uses load time when determining where a website ranks in its search results.  Are visitors able to find what they are searching for?  On occasion, people find a website of the business they like but navigate away without taking any action.  Address this by integrating social media in your Indianapolis website design so visitors can easily share your website.  An absence of social media on your current website is another reason it may be time for a new website.
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