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Costly Mistakes That Cause You To Lose Credibility At The Office
Posted on July 5, 2019 by MyNetWire
Categories: Info Articles
Do you ever wonder about your image at work and how you are perceived by others?  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a professional working for a company, a good reputation at the workplace is especially important if you want to grow.  You want your colleagues, bosses, or employees to view you as having a credible and valuable role in the organization.  Achieving that goal isn’t always easy but avoiding the following mistakes will ensure you never lose credibility at the workplace.

From getting caught in traffic to an alarm failing to go off, there are plenty of factors that might cause you to be late.  Unfortunately, this is a problem that almost everyone has to deal with at some point and it’s understandable there are days where time isn’t on your side.

However, if your punctuality ever becomes an issue, it might damage your reputation to a great extent as it makes you appear as someone that the company can’t depend on.  Try to plan ahead as much as possible so you are ready for the next day.
Using Technology Inappropriately

Even though smartphones, social media, and small business websites have improved the way people stay informed, they can also damage the image of a person when used inappropriately.  If you’re in a meeting, that’s not the right time to check emails or scroll through small business websites.

Likewise, walking around the workplace and checking your phone doesn’t create a good impression.  Make sure you use devices at the right time and always be attentive to those around you.  Rather than being immersed in the world of technology, try connecting with the people you work with as that helps build better bonds at the workplace and boost your reputation.

Enhancing your workplace image doesn’t have to be a complicated process.  Start by identifying any unlikeable habits that are holding you back and make an effort to drop them.  Then work towards building more meaningful relationships with other staff members and credibility will follow!
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