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Google Rolls Out "Project Loon" To Reach Customers In Remote Areas
Posted on April 22, 2015 by MyNetWire
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Small businesses, small ad agencies, and Internet marketing services can learn something from Google's newest project, one that the search engine behemoth admits is a bit bonkers. The initiative, called "Project Loon," is aptly named for two reasons: First, yes, Google describes the scheme as crazy; and, second, the company will literally use balloons to do it. Google is attempting to bring its Web services to even more customers, and it is targeting customers in especially remote locations.
As part of the project, Google is flying balloons over secluded parts of Australia, Latin America, and New Zealand, testing out the balloons as a means of bringing Internet access to areas that previously did not have any. Each balloon can last up to 100 days. Google executives are able to steer and track the balloons, and Google is currently launching dozens of the balloons every day, according to Project Lead Mike Cassidy. Why is the project relevant to small and large corporations alike?
You Should Always Be Asking, "How Can I Reach More Customers?"
Google is demonstrating a very important principle: You can never have enough customers. Never settle for retaining the customers you already have. Retention is important, but it is not enough on its own. At every single step of the search engine optimization marketing and website design and maintenance process, businesses should always be asking, "How can I get more customers?" Recently, Google has made at least one way that companies can do that very clear. Google introduced an algorithm update favoring mobile compatibility as of April 21. Making any changes that will optimize webpages for mobile will help search rankings, and ultimately help businesses win over more customers.
There Is A Reason Content Is King
Another important aspect of reaching new customers and improving search engine optimization marketing is content. Content can always be adjusted and tweaked to meet the latest standards. For example, it is easier to read content with bullet points on a mobile device. Structure content according to any algorithm changes, but make sure you have content. Why? Companies with blog content have 434% more indexed pages, nearly all (81%) of businesses recognize blogs as an important asset, and inbound leads, including those deriving from content marketing, cost 61% less than outbound leads.
Indiana Search Engine Optimization
Google is demonstrating a very important fact: You always need to be on the hunt for new customers. To make search engine optimization marketing as effective as possible, alter pages and content to Google's latest standards and algorithm tweaks. 
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