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Great Suggestions To Keep Employees Motivated In 2019
Posted on December 6, 2018 by MyNetWire
Categories: Info Articles
A recent study from a reputable source found that half of American employees were actively looking for a new job.  Those numbers indicate many people no longer have a desire to work for their current employer.  This is mostly due to the lack of employee motivation and the emergence of new, exciting company cultures that make people want to leave and work for companies that are willing to change.  If you’re looking to retain your workers in 2019, the following strategies might be helpful.
Change Company Culture

These days, some companies are offering their employees more freedom and flexibility such as allowing them to work remotely.  As a result, an employees’ willingness to work for a company that holds onto typical traditions like a 9 to 5 workday is quickly diminishing.

It would also help if you gave employees a voice by having a suggestion box or hold meetings regularly to discuss company issues directly.  Other firms are even using small business websites as an outlet for collecting employee suggestions.
Lead By Example

This is perhaps the best tool for keeping your workers motivated and eager to work.  If you’re instructing employees to increase their productivity while you have mediocre work habits, it’s highly likely their performance will never improve.  Often, employees tend to adopt the same values of those who lead so make it part of your daily routine to have a good work ethic.
Respect The Capability Of Your Workers

Employee micromanagement is one of the main reasons why workers leave a company.  If you want your employees to be dedicated and more productive, don’t micromanage them but rather show them respect and trust them to deliver quality work.  Elite companies retain their workers by recognizing them as a valuable resource and treating them well.  Many firms offer rewards for good performance and some firms even keep their employees engaged with chat platforms on small business websites.
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