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Has The COVID Pandemic Made Employees More Productive?
Posted on August 20, 2020 by MyNetWire
Categories: Info Articles
Many small business websites have continued to highlight the importance of moving business functions away from the office.  The reason for this is that the virus restrictions have made traditional operations and practices all but impossible.  Some small businesses are embracing remote workers for the first time, but is that a wise decision?  Can employees really maintain or exceed their level of productivity at home or are they going to be less efficient as professionals have predicted?

The notion of employing remote workers induces fear in some business owners as they believe that a home setting discourages professionalism.  You see this in online meetings that are often conducted in pajamas rather than business attire while children play in the background.  However, these observations suggest that remote workers take a casual approach to their duties and others argue that working at home is better for productivity.

Remote workers are more likely to work longer hours since they don’t have to worry about maintaining a schedule.  Therefore, they are able to commit more time to handling work-related tasks as they have plenty of opportunities to manage their personal needs.

The idea that a home setting boosts productivity rather than delays it has been proven by research.  Not only do remote workers lose ten minutes less per day than office workers but they spend 17% less of their time on avoiding work.  A few small business websites admit that remote workers have to contend with more distractions.  But once they adjust to working from home, their efficiency is far better.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that there’s no longer a commute to work so all of the time that was previously spent traveling can be applied towards finishing tasks at home.  As a result, the flexibility allows remote workers to juggle their personal and professional lives with greater efficiency!
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