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How Can You Use Customer Reviews To Your Benefit?
Posted on April 9, 2019 by MyNetWire
Categories: Info Articles
If there is one factor that greatly influences a customers’ decision to make a purchase, it is what other customers say.  When you use them wisely, customer reviews can boost your reputation and draw potential buyers.  But adding features to your Indianapolis website design that enable customers to leave a review is only a starting point.  Here’s how you can make the most of customer reviews.
Post Pros & Cons

It seems obvious that if you want to attract buyers, the best way to do it is to display nothing but the most positive reviews.  However, reliable studies suggest otherwise.  If customers only see positive thoughts on your product or business and nothing negative, they’ll doubt the authenticity of the reviews.  Therefore, the right approach is to publish both positive and negative reviews.

Some online stores allow shoppers to score reviews as helpful while sorting them and it works great.  On the other hand, if you’re a smaller brand and a complex system isn’t ideal, you can always read the reviews to decide the order in which you’re going to display them.  When it’s possible, try to implement a star rating system into your Indianapolis website design to help with the sorting process.
Choose Between Short & In-Depth Reviews

Do you want customers to write a thorough review on your products or do you just need a star rating in particular areas like the ease of use and probability to recommend?  Star ratings make the task easier for customers.  While lengthy reviews require more effort from customers, they provide your leads with helpful information and encourage others to buy.

Customer reviews might generate the sales boost you’ve been looking for all along.  Find out the time when customers are more likely to leave a review and request them to do one at that time.  Beyond that, make sure you post both types of reviews so you gain your customers trust and increase the likelihood that they buy into your brand.
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