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How To Avoid Hiring An Unskilled Employee
Posted on September 19, 2022 by MyNetWire
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Inept employees usually do irreparable damage to a business on some level.  The situation often arises when a company neglects certain aspects of the hiring process and hastily hires someone they consider the perfect fit for the job.  Understandably, most small business websites confirm that companies take on this risk as it can be challenging to find qualified staff members.
However, you should know some aspects before taking that leap and making an offer to someone who could potentially cost your company money and time.  Hiring mistakes are also costly in other ways and the following tips will guide you on how to avoid hiring an unskilled employee.
A Specific Job Description
What skills and attributes do you seek from your employees?  The job interview should be done with an applicant that has these qualifications and the interview should include a mixture of questions that pertain to the job description.
In other words, the interviewer should not ask general questions that are not covered in the job description.  Rather, they should ask targeted questions that are directly related to the applicant’s competence in their chosen field.
Contact Previous Employers
A great way to verify an applicants’ claim about their experience is by contacting their previous employers.  Make sure that you only let them know the position you are hiring for so no confidential information given out.  Most importantly, ask questions regarding the skills, accomplishments, and ability of the applicant.  It’s best to call the employer personally to get an honest and direct answer.
Check Their References
One of the most telling ways to determine if your applicant is skilled or not is by checking their references.  Many applicants tend to exaggerate their claims so they look much more qualified than they truly are.  Therefore, if you check small business websites, you will be more likely to hire a candidate who has proven skills as you realize what to do during the hiring process.
Mistakes can be made but one of the biggest ones any organization can make is to hire someone who lacks adequate skills for the job.  This can lead to countless problems such as performance issues, team conflict, and high turnover rates.  When verifying qualifications or requirements, focus on what the candidate needs to fulfill your expectations.
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