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How To Calculate The Online Awareness Of Your Brand
Posted on August 19, 2019 by MyNetWire
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When a brand has high awareness, customers are able to recognize and recall certain aspects of it easily.  According to research, a brand should have at least 5 impressions for people to remember it.  Brand awareness is extremely vital as customers are more likely to do business with you when they remember your brand as opposed to your competitors.  Below, you’ll learn about the ways in which you can assess the online awareness of your brand.

Surveys on small business websites are helping many businesses assess their awareness.  You can create and send surveys to your customers or survey random groups online.  One question you might want to ask is “how did you hear about us?” to find out how people are discovering your brand.

It’s worth noting that if you make your surveys short and easy with simple answers, people are more likely to complete them.  Again, consider placing your surveys where many people can see them.  Aside from small business websites, surveys may be conducted on social media and YouTube.
Website Analytics

Website analytics tools such as Google Analytics are very useful when it comes to tracking brand awareness.  In the channels section, you’ll see how many people have searched your website link or accessed your website using a bookmark.  You can also see how your traffic is changing over time.
Social Listening

Social listening gives you access to unbiased and unfiltered opinions.  This involves finding out what people are saying about your brand or products on social media.  You may do that by typing your brand name or products associated with your brand into the search bar of any social network and go over the results.

Make sure you also check out what the review websites say about your business while using these tips to assess your brand awareness.  You should calculate your online awareness often and ensure that you always use the latest findings to tweak your campaigns.
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