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How Will You Build A Community Around Your Brand?
Posted on August 31, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Are you aware that 70% of marketers say it is better to build an audience than to do direct selling?  This is based on a study conducted by a reliable company that specializes in strategic communications.  In this day and age, the consumer prefers to purchase from a brand they identify and with the power of social media, they can choose to engage with certain brands while totally ignoring others.  Here are the steps for building a community that consumers will want to engage with.
Build Brand Authority On The Internet

Rather than spending your time creating ads and looking for clients, focus on being an information powerhouse.  After some time, consumers will start looking for you and potential consumers may discover you as well.  To make your content marketing efforts even more effective, implement an Indianapolis website design that your target audience finds appealing.  Also, consider doing A/B testing to find out what works best.
Create A Facebook Group

More than half of the U.S. population has a Facebook account so creating a Facebook group for your brand is a great idea as it increases awareness and engagement.  Start group discussions and observe what problems your members are dealing with while attempting to offer them valuable solutions.  As group members will have common interests, engagement will continue to grow if you remain dedicated about interacting with them.
Send Newsletters

Newsletters can be used as a means to build strong relationships with readers so utilize an Indianapolis website design that drives visitors to subscribe to the email list.  By sending your subscribers exclusive content, you make them feel special which tends to boost their willingness to engage with your brand and share it with others.

These days, building a community around a brand is mostly done online as that’s where a massive number of people can be found.  However, face-to-face promotion through workshops, conferences, and other arrangements is still quite vital as it helps people find relevance in what is being offered.
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