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How You Can Remain Productive While Working Remotely
Posted on June 22, 2018 by MyNetWire
Categories: Info Articles
Working from home is growing more popular, likely because of the many benefits it offers.  For instance, you’re able to save on office rent and fuel costs or transportation expenses incurred while traveling to and from the office.  Additionally, it fosters a better work-life balance.

Nonetheless, there’s an issue that always surfaces when considering home-based work.  How do you deal with the associated distractions?  The following are a few ways in which you can avoid disruptions and remain productive while working from home.
Connect With Colleagues & Clients

Keep in touch with your colleagues and clients through regular meetings, maybe over coffee or virtually through a video call.  That way, you can discuss important work matters and perhaps even brainstorm to find solutions on various issues.  Furthermore, take the time to browse small business websites and join in the community discussions.
Prepare For Regular Work Days

If you were preparing to go to the office, you would probably brush your teeth, dress up, and have some coffee or breakfast.  What you would do on a typical workday, make sure you also do it when preparing for a workday at home.  This will tune your mind in for work and fire up your energy to be productive so you stay focused the entire day.
Let your friends and family know that you’re working and instruct them not to bother you until the workday is over.  Another major source of distraction for home-based workers is the TV so never turn it on during your working hours.
Set A Schedule

When working remotely, always subdivide your work into tasks that need to be accomplished for that day.  As a result, you will be able to manage your time efficiently and become more dedicated to your work.  Check the tasks as you complete them so you can view your progress and stay motivated.

One tactic that usually works for those struggling to remain productive while working remotely is to allocate time for breaks.  Rather than working nonstop, make time for breaks at least every 2 hours and visit small business websites regularly to gather new ideas.
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