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Indianapolis Web Design: What You Need to Know
Posted on June 8, 2015 by MyNetWire
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Digital media marketing has never been more important. The Internet has changed rapidly over the years and in turn has revolutionized how business is conducted. Globalization has only become stronger under the advent of the Internet. Consider this: 20 years ago, there were less than 50 million users on the World Wide Web across the globe. Today, there are more than three billion. That's roughly one half of the world's population! The Internet has connected people across vast distances and dividers like never before. That is, the Internet has made instant communication possible.
Because the Internet is virtually (no pun intended) required for all major kinds of transactions nowadays, having a strong web presence has never been more important. Indianapolis web designing is needed for businesses large and small in that fair city, much like how it is needed by businesses across the country and, really, throughout the world.
Indianapolis Website Design
What does web design actually entail? Quite a bit. In order to better show just how essential a solid web design job is for a business, here are a few benefits of having one.
  • Increases Visibility: A web design company can make your business considerably more visible on the Internet. Web design requires quite a bit of coding and expertise. The point of a website shouldn't be for people to click on it. It should be for people to stay on the page. Having an easy to use, clear, and colorful webpage will certainly give your company an advantage in the gigantic forum that is the Internet.
  • Promotes Branding: Web design provides the best digital representation of your company's brand. Web designers aren't just code-writers. They design websites in a similar way an interior decorator designs houses. Good web designers will construct your website to best reflect what you company is and the kind of people it wants to attract. Which leads to the next point:
  • Improves Searchability: One of the most important components of the Internet is the search engine. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo process an incredible 100 billion inquiries every month. A $16 billion industry, search engines account for 93% of all initial sessions on the Internet. Web design can increase the chances of a page being featured prominently on a search results page though a marketing strategy called search engine optimization (SEO).
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