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Key Follow-Up Techniques That Can Make A Difference With Small Businesses
Posted on January 10, 2020 by MyNetWire
Categories: Info Articles
According to several small business websites, follow-up is largely neglected or forgotten about.  Some people think that it’s just a sales technique that gets used to close deals with customers.  When the sale is done or the deal has closed, they think that the follow-up becomes unnecessary.  But, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  The follow-up is a vital aspect of the customer experience and if you approach it in a tactful way, it can win over many loyal customers.
Be Proactive

When following up with a potential or current customer, it must be done in a proactive way.  If a customer calls to get a quote about a service or product and they tell you that they will be in touch, you shouldn’t just wait around for them to call back.  Instead, wait a few days and call them if you haven’t heard from them.

When you call your clients, try to add some value to their lives and never prod them about the quotation.  If they mentioned a problem during their initial call, try to offer them a solution.  This proves that you are actively looking for ways to improve their lives.
Offer Assistance

Small business websites usually emphasize the importance of approaching clients in a compassionate way.  Show them you care by being as responsive as possible to their questions.  Even if you can’t provide an immediate answer or solution, inform them that you are ready and willing to assist them.  This is one course of action to show that you truly care and it helps build loyalty.

Don’t forget to check on customers after a sale to determine whether or not they are satisfied.  If their feedback is negative, identify the reasons and think of ways to improve what other customers experience.  It isn’t difficult to follow-up if you’re attentive and determined to prove to your customers that you genuinely want to help them.
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