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Marketing at People’s Fingertips: The Importance of Mobile Web Design
Posted on December 14, 2015 by MyNetWire
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When building a new website or when redesigning an existing one, it is important to take into account mobile website applications as well as traditional or standard designs. Some Indianapolis web design companies may not offer mobile design services. Contacting an Indianapolis web design company such as MyNetWire that does provide mobile responsive design will provide you with better overall results in a number of ways.

Better User Experience
The screen image that your users see will vary based on the browsing platform that they are using to view the page as well as the screen size. With a mobile device, the screen image is often distorted because of the small size and unique dimensions compared to a typical PC or tablet.
However, with many users now using their smartphones to browse the Internet rather than sitting in front of a PC to do so, it is important that your website is completely visible and legible. Mobile design services give you the ability to have multiple versions of the same design prepared based on the type of browser or device the user is using.

Faster Download Time

Designs that are intended to be used by a PC or laptop may have more images and text, and this means that they may have a long download time. The time can vary based on the connection speed as well, but generally, the download time for a standard design will take longer on a mobile device like a smartphone.
Mobile design is created to have a faster download time on these devices. This minimizes or even eliminates the frustration that your users may experience when they attempt to browse through your website on a mobile device.
A Boost in Web Traffic
Typically, the same website can be created in different versions, and the best companies are able to accomplish this goal with flawless results. This may include boosting web traffic and your click-through rate as well as improving the user experience.
With more people accessing the internet through their smartphones, marketing should also be done at their fingertips. Don’t hesitate to seek help from an Indianapolis web design company, like MyNetWire, about creating a mobile version of your website to enjoy the benefits.

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