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Mobile-Friendly Design Features That Designers Should Know
Posted on August 8, 2017 by MyNetWire
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A large percentage of people today use mobile devices to browse the internet to consume content and engage with brands.  Many Indianapolis SEO experts will tell you that you need to use a responsive website design if you wish to cater to the browsing preferences of website visitors.  If you have a business website, make sure you update the design features frequently so your website stays mobile-friendly.
Interface & Navigation Features

These are the features that simplify the process for users to move around your website in an intuitive manner.  When it comes to Indianapolis SEO, it is recommended that you make use of navigation icons so users are able to move around the pages more easily.  Another way to ease the navigation process for users is to incorporate an intuitive interface.  When designing your website, consider using navigation features that will feel natural to most users so they quickly become familiarized.
Background & Color

One rule designers should keep in mind is to never compromise the background and color features of a website.  The main focus should be on content and navigation features, but also try to keep key aspects of the background and color where users can still recognize your brand.  Always remember to include the colors of your brand where it matters the most.  For instance, use it to capture the attention of visitors where parts of the page contain useful or important information.

There are no limitations on how creative a web designer may be when trying to optimize a website for mobile devices.  As a designer, the aim should be to make the website as easy as possible to navigate while at the same time ensuring the brand remains recognizable.  If a designer does this, your website will be ideal for current mobile users and new visitors that discover your brand in the future.
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