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SEO Companies List Down the Elements of an SEO-Friendly Web Design
Posted on October 23, 2015 by MyNetWire
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Other than keyword-optimized content, business owners should also put high regard on their website’s design. Though search engines like Google wouldn’t interpret a webpage the same way as your audience, structuring its design for both Google and your audience will have a huge impact on your rankings. While there are numerous factors to consider, building your website’s design boils down to these vital elements listed down by SEO companies.
It must have Indexable Content
Java applets, Flash files, and a lot of other non-text content will often be ignored, even devalued, by Google’s crawlers. All the important content in your website should be in HTML text format, to ensure that these words and phrases will be visible both to search engines and to your visitors.
This does not mean, however, you can ignore other forms of content, including photos and videos. Remember to add alt text for all your images, and assign those in gif, jpg, or png format with alt attributes to give search engines an accurate text description of the image. For video and audio content, add a transcript, especially if you meant for the words and phrases to be indexed by the search engine crawlers.
It must have Crawlable Link Structures
Search engine crawlers will also look for links to find the content they are supposed to index in the first place. This is when a crawlable link structure becomes vital, as it enables these crawlers to browse the pathways of your website and aid them in finding all the pages in your site. Most websites, on the other hand, make the mistake of structuring their websites in a way that hinders access for search engines, thus reducing their chances of a higher ranking.
It must Redirect
This holds true for websites that have already existed for a while and are being redesigned. Old pages on your website shouldn’t be deleted or lost, especially if this ranked well for a particular keyword, but should be redirected into the new one. Once search engine crawlers see that your old page no longer exists, they will ultimately remove it from search results, losing all the referral and organic search traffic you gained.
It must be Responsive
With a growing number of people accessing the internet on their mobile phones, the importance of having a responsive web design cannot be understated. In a nutshell, responsive design caters the same experience to different visitors using different devices. You can have a responsive web design, along with the aforementioned elements, with help from an SEO company in Indianapolis, like MyNetWire.
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