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Startup Trends To Disregard As 2019 Unfolds
Posted on January 30, 2019 by MyNetWire
Categories: Info Articles
Keeping up with trends helps entrepreneurs seize opportunities while dodging any unforeseen traps.  The internet makes it extremely easy to learn what technology or practices are upcoming, changing, or fading in business, but not all sources can be trusted.  This article discusses some of the predictions that various experts have made that you will be better off ignoring rather than changing your plans based on them.
General Predictions

Some analysts that specialize in business trends boldly declare that entire industries will soon die while forecasting the success of a new or existing industry.  Although there’s often a slight truth to such predictions, the forecasts are typically based on inadequate research.

One blog has made the prediction that by 2020, the storage media industry will disappear due to an increase in cloud storage.  Even though it’s true that cloud storage is growing increasingly popular, the claim that other forms of storage media will completely disappear is misleading.

Some small businesses use an Indianapolis website design that works great on mobile devices while making the mistake of ignoring what desktop users encounter.  Of course, mobile browsing is more popular but that doesn’t mean desktop use is coming to an end.  It would be better to use an Indianapolis website design that’s responsive on mobile devices and desktops.
Investors’ Interests

Another claim you may hear is that a few investors are flocking to the crypto currency market but is it wise to make business decisions based on it?  Likely not since reputable investors are scrupulous and pay attention to detail as they make strategic decisions based on sound research.

Change in the world of business can be rapid and wipe out businesses that fail to act appropriately which is why it’s a good idea to always be vigilant.  However, before you jump into a business decision or abort any important projects, take the time to dig deeper and research how the trend forecast will affect your specific niche.
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