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The New SEO: How Search Engine Optimization Continues to Evolve Today
Posted on October 26, 2015 by MyNetWire
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Business owners wanting to win at SEO need to accept one truth: the best practices will change, and will continue to change, whether you like it or not. Try not to get yourself comfortable with your current strategy, since, chances are, it will be to your business’ detriment in the long run.
Today is the dawn of a new age for search engine optimization, but businesses need not worry about this. As overwhelming as it sounds, getting yourself accustomed to the new era of SEO isn’t difficult, especially if you’re able to get a head start as early as now. Take a look at how SEO changed in the past few years.
Providing Better User Experience
During the past few years, SEO was about duping search engines into ushering a website into a top spot in a results page through tricks and gimmicks. Doing these today will only bring harm and penalties to a website, for what Google is looking for in a high-ranking website is an exceptional user experience. A website that makes its visitors happy will be rewarded with higher rankings.
More Organic Link Building
Back then, link building was all about inserting as much keyword-rich links as possible to build authority online. Quantity of links collected by a website matters less today, as Google favors links that are organically earned rather than hoarded. Websites should now aim to build links from authoritative and relevant sources to ensure that they will do better when it comes to rankings.
Click through Rate and Dwell Time Matters
Google now takes into consideration the number of users clicking to your website and the amount of time your visitors spend on your page. These factors show Google how relevant and useful your website is in answering your visitors’ queries and problems, and will reward you with a higher ranking on their results page.
Content Remains King
One thing that remains unchanged in SEO is the importance of producing high-quality content, and this will continue to remain relevant for the years to come. Users want, and need, various forms of content, and search engines reward those that produce great ones.
The Importance of Mobile
The recent update, dubbed by marketing experts as the Mobilegeddon, only shows that mobile-friendly websites will rule search engine rankings. You’re putting your business in grave danger if you fail to optimize your online presence for mobile users.
In the end, the new SEO caters to users above all, and business owners can achieve this by seeking help from SEO companies in Indianapolis, like MyNetWire.
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