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Tips To Keep Your Website Search Engine Friendly During A Redesign
Posted on December 31, 1969 by MyNetWire
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On occasion, small business websites require a redesign to accurately represent the business due to growth or changes that have taken place.  Comparatively, it may also be time for a redesign if the website is not converting or you think it looks outdated when compared to a competitor’s website.  The goal of a redesign is to improve the customer experience and strengthen search engine ranking.  What is vital towards maintaining the search engine ranking throughout the process so no traffic is lost?
Steps For A Smooth Transition
During a website redesign, you want to ensure all the SEO efforts up until now are saved and safely get implemented into the new website.  If not, a business wanting to rank for keywords like Indianapolis SEO might rank lower once the redesign is complete.  The first step is to identify web pages that attract the most traffic and list them down so you don’t lose any SEO value should a URL change.
Maintain organization by creating a spreadsheet to record current URL’s of web pages that will be moved and include the new URL beside it.  This allows the website to retain the current rank it has as search engines are able to identify where the web page has moved.  As a result, SEO value associated with the page before the redesign is carried over when the page is redirected.  What other area is important for the website to remain search engine friendly?
Boost SEO With Helpful Content
Content creation is an important element for any SEO strategy to be a success and engage more visitors in your products or services.  Integrate a plan for your content to use keywords such as Indianapolis SEO which leads to higher ranking in search engines for some businesses.  With these valuable tips, you can expect your website to stay search engine friendly as web pages are redirected and optimized content attracts additional clients!
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