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Underrated Skills In Customer Service You Should Learn In 2019
Posted on March 8, 2019 by MyNetWire
Categories: Info Articles
Years ago, customer service was thought of as an insignificant factor in marketing.  However, over the years, growing opportunities for customers to connect over the internet has made customer service a huge factor in business that profoundly affects customer retention.  Many businesses are now motivated to improve customer support, but there are a few underrated skills to grasp as discussed below.
Creative Thinking

When a customer asks a question or voices a complaint, don’t look at the issue superficially.  Instead, use the customer’s purchase history and account information to study their needs.  You could also utilize web tracking tools to understand the customer better.  Aside from that, make sure you respond to the issue in a way that addresses any possible problems in the future.

Many firms now have small business websites and social media accounts which they use to give information about their products, as well as support platforms for their customers.  Unfortunately, some businesses fail to share the truth about the information they post.  In order to be trustworthy, you must be honest about your products’ features and benefits while noting any dangers or side effects.

Nowadays, there are a variety of customer support tools that can be integrated with small business websites and email systems to help firms respond to customers’ questions promptly.  While these are extremely useful, it would be better to tweak the messages sent out to sound more authentic.  A great way to do this is to refer to a customer by name and use words (such as us and we) to gain their trust.
Project Management

Good customer service isn’t conducted randomly; it’s an organized process with various steps, running from initiation to the closing.  If you or your team repeatedly experience difficulty in pleasing a customer, maybe it’s time to have an expert assist you through the process.  The skills highlighted above are some of the most neglected, take the time to learn them so you’re in a better position to keep customers happy and retain them.
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