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Web Design Firms Urge Businesses to Prepare for Penguin Update in 2016
Posted on December 8, 2015 by MyNetWire
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Indianapolis, Indiana (December 8, 2015) – As early as now, SEO and web design firms in Indianapolis are urging businesses to prepare for Google’s upcoming Penguin Update. According to Gary Illyes, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, the latest algorithm update will roll out soon. The least businesses can do now is prepare as the last update resulted in many websites losing rank and getting penalized. Now, Google is giving entrepreneurs and businesses a chance to be ready before the new update goes live in 2016.
The original Penguin Update was released in 2012 in order to better catch sites that are spamming search results. For instance, sites that were buying links or getting them through link networks that are specifically designed to boost their Google rankings were penalized. As a result, these websites had to work hard to get back in Google’s good graces. According to Search Engine Land, the next update will be a real-time version. This means that Google will be analyzing links as soon as the search engine discovers them. Sites with bad links will get penalized immediately if caught. The good news, however, is that the next Penguin Update will make it easier to recover immediately as soon as the spam links are removed.
While the update is still in the works and is not set to be released until next year, businesses should already be preparing to avoid potential penalties. Even unintentional spam on websites will not be tolerated. Therefore, now is the perfect time for a thorough site audit. 
For example, links that include exact-match anchor texts are treated as spam. This can be easily corrected by using different external links in non-descriptive keywords, URLs and long-tail keywords. Google might also treat a sudden increase in referring pages as spam behavior. Backlinks need to be analyzed periodically to check for such anomalies. Optimizing internal links should also be a top priority since these greatly influence the way search engines crawl sites.
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