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Website Design: Three Simple Tips to Tame Your Site’s Bounce Rate
Posted on October 19, 2015 by MyNetWire
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Bounce rate is one of the many factors that search engines use to rank a website. Look into your Google analytics and check your bounce rate. The number tells the percentage of users who view a page in your site and hit close or back button right away without ever engaging or even browsing through its other pages.
While technical glitches and minor clicking errors do contribute to bounce rates, a high rate is often a good indicator that a website is failing to provide a satisfying user experience. This means that if your website has a bounce rate of 60%, for example, it will need some fixing.
Although there’s no foolproof way to maintain a healthy bounce rate, making the following changes can get your visitors to stay longer, explore your website and even convert.
1. Ensure high content quality. Relevant, engaging and well-written content will encourage audiences to spend more time and get to know you better. When writing for your blog, steer clear of the obvious and stale. Instead, think of the many ways they can get the most from your offerings.  That way, they will see you as a helpful information source and return more often. Pay particular attention to how it appears once posted. It must facilitate speedy reading, not published in indigestible bulks.
2. Don’t be intrusive. Pop-up banners, “click here” buttons, promo ads, opt-in forms and automatically-loading chat windows do help aid conversion but if they inundate a page, visitors will likely see them as annoying clutters and leave because they can’t find the information they need immediately, jacking up your bounce rates. Try browsing your pages with fresh eyes or get another expert to share his honest opinion and determine what should be weeded out.
3. Boost your site speed. Even if most web users today are investing in high-speed connections, many factors such as cheap hosting, poor coding and use of heavy images and videos can still slow your pages’ loading time. People want everything in the web quick and won’t hesitate to close a page they feel is delaying them. If your page takes too long to load, you waste away both ranking and potential business.
If implemented, the above tips will help optimize user experience and improve your site’s visitor retention rate. If you need help from website design professionals in Indianapolis, firms like My Net Wire would be glad to help you.
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