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What 2 Factors Influence Online Sales The Most?
Posted on January 2, 2018 by MyNetWire
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Small business websites are crucial as they help entrepreneurs present themselves to customers, both existing and prospective.  But, it takes more than a basic website to gain clientele that will remain loyal to your business.  In order to get the best results, your business website needs to assure customers they can trust you.
As well, it needs to show them that your business commands a high level of authority in your niche.  Trust and authority are the biggest factors influencing online sales.  Below you will discover just how to boost them and gain a bigger share of the market.
Show Them You’re Authentic

On the homepage of your website, you need to include a physical address or contact details to prove to customers that your business is real.  It also helps authenticate your business if you include an About Us page with information when it was started.

If you examine websites of big businesses, you will likely notice many of them have Terms and Conditions, a Privacy Policy, and Data Protection sections.  By adding the same to your website, you prove to your clients that you know the law and have satisfied the legal requirements associated with your kind of business.
Portray Trust Signals

Trust is often gained through trust signals which include slogans and logos.  Consider incorporating the logos of partner brands and governing bodies like FDA into your website.  You may also think about utilizing slogans such as “Featured on” and “Over 25 years of experience”.  Showcasing your business as a partner to reputable brands is a fine trust and authority boost.

Display positive reviews from popular review websites or a screen capture of positive feedback from a customer would be extremely helpful.  Some small business websites have secure URLs while others do not and a majority of people can agree those that are secure are more trustworthy.  For that reason, buy an SSL certificate as it will give your clients peace of mind while shopping online!
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