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What Web Design Mistakes Should Small Businesses Always Avoid?
Posted on January 30, 2017 by MyNetWire
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The process of designing small business websites requires focus and attention to many areas to get leverage over other small businesses.  Occasionally, business owners choose a cheaper route when it comes to website design.  The result usually ends up costing the business in the long run as a visitor finds the website unappealing and navigates to a well designed website.  What web design mistakes should be avoided to ensure your website captures the attention of visitors?
Costly Mistakes That Add Up
Most small business websites hope to engage a visitor with an enjoyable experience while providing function so they take action.  Often, the challenge becomes a balancing act of what information you want your targeted audience to know about your business first.  Place important information in key areas but don’t overload it to the point that the design looks busy and confuses the visitor.
One significant step in this process is to identify your target audience then design the website to attract that type of visitor.  A common mistake is when a website attempts to attract all types of visitors.  When that happens, the website may turn out jumbled since it requires different design features to gain the attention of various visitors.  Instead of reaching more people, the website is at a higher risk to lose potential customers due to a poor design.
Are Visitors Able To Take Action?
Another aspect that small business websites should avoid is any issues associated with navigation.  Once a visitor lands on your website, they should be able to navigate around effortlessly since most people have a short tolerance nowadays.
Oddly, the last mistake common to some websites is a lack of contact information.  A majority of the time it’s essential to have that information on every page so a potential customer never has to search for it.  Always think of your target audience and the image of your business throughout the entire design process.
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