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Why Offering Paid Leave Could Result In A Cost Savings Long-Term
Posted on September 17, 2019 by MyNetWire
Categories: Info Articles
Small businesses are not ordered by the government to offer paid leave.  Some larger corporations extend this privilege regardless.  But if you work for an obscure firm that specializes in Indianapolis website design, you have probably heard your colleagues express their thoughts about paid leave.
You may have also heard them claim that any attempt to push businesses into offering paid leave would force them to seek out a more business-friendly setting.  Not only is paid leave not quite as costly as some people think, it can actually reduce costs in the long run.
The Productivity Argument

This is where most arguments start and end.  Some firms that build websites with an Indianapolis website design may have a manager who is convinced that any attempt to offer a paid leave will cut into productivity.  After all, you essentially pay employees that are not doing any work.  However, a study was carried out in 2016 which determined 89% of all companies that offered a paid leave either benefited or saw no negative effect on productivity.

Many people that are sick often come to work because they fear losing their position.  In doing so, they not only present a health risk to other workers but their inefficiency could affect the operations of the entire company.  One organization claims that paid leave programs only cost private sector firms about 23 cents per employee on the hour.
The Case For Morale

The sick leave question and the effect it has on productivity usually comes down to the morale of your staff.  Companies that offer sick leave tend to have happier employees.  Such workers are not quite as stressed since they know an unexpected illness won’t cost them their position.
In turn, this causes employees to work harder as they have a greater sense of loyalty.  Sick leave isn’t just morally appealing, it also offers tangible benefits to companies and their staff.  In particular, productivity is bound to soar in a firm with loyal and ambitious employees!
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