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Posted on December 31, 1969 by MyNetWire
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Writing is an important part to the success of any website despite how great the design is as words play a vital role in how a user enjoys the experience.  Writing styles intertwine with the website design to give users the best experience possible with a common goal of getting potential customers to respond in some way.  Keywords such as Indianapolis SEO can be used to target a specific audience which leads to more users taking a desired action.  What tips should you use to ensure the writing on your website resonates with users?
Benefit Before Action
Before writing, think of the website visitors and potential customers that will visit your website.  Then, implement a writing style that matches their interest so the content is engaging and relevant.  Frequently, websites have different types of visitors so don’t focus on writing to each type but direct your writing towards the users who are most likely to take action.
Often, the action you want a visitor to take dictates the writing style more than the benefits they might expect from being on your website.  Instead, make the focus about how the user benefits from your product or service by emphasizing how their life will be easier or improved.  Give visitors an incentive to stay on your website by writing more about the benefits they can expect from you versus the action you want them to take.
Keep Your Message Clear
The average attention span of most users when they land on a web page is less than 10 seconds.  You want to use a writing style that speaks directly and clearly to your users so they understand what your company offers.  Keywords like Indianapolis SEO attract a specific visitor but envision what that person expects.  Knowing that, integrate a language in your writing style that will boost the user experience and persuade them to respond the way you want.
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