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Posted on December 31, 1969 by MyNetWire
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Inbound marketing is an important element for small business websites to attract new customers to their product or services.  Inbound marketing plans generate leads through a variety of ways that include blogs, SEO, content marketing, and social media.
Social media is a key component of inbound marketing as millions of people use it and join each year so there’s a huge potential to reach a wider audience.  Make social media a priority to boost inbound marketing and take advantage of the leads it creates for your small business.
The Content Your Audience Desires
The first objective when attracting visitors to your business is to figure out what they want and provide information that appeals to their interests.  Today, social media has made that process of determining what a new customer cares about much simpler by following the comments on social media pages.  Check the comments occasionally to see what your audience prefers so you form a better understanding of their interests and patterns.
Once you know your audience, develop a content strategy that includes information they find relevant and valuable.  The social media platform allows you to see what content generates the most comments, likes, and shares.  Monitor what gets a majority of the attention and use that data to create quality content that resonates with a potential customer.  Often, quality content that people enjoy reading gives your inbound marketing plan an edge over the competition.
An Opportunity To Consider
A familiar pattern of many inbound marketing plans is to target the same audience and areas as the competition.  If competition is close, opportunity may be limited as sectors of a market are already attracted to small business websites of a competitor.  Instead, target different sectors where more opportunity is available and the result could be an increased interest in your product or services.
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