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Posted on August 29, 2017 by MyNetWire
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There are many analytical tools that small business websites can take advantage of in order to improve their businesses.  Behavioral analytics help you have a deeper understanding of your customers which may be used to boost customer engagement and lead to better sales.  Often, a business has a diverse group of customers and it can be a challenge to keep them from choosing the competition.  The following ways indicate how behavioral analytics will make an impact on your business.
More Effective Segmentation

One way behavioral analytics works is that it helps segment and target your customers in a more specific way through advertising.  Many small business websites have a tendency to target customers in a general way and they frequently overlook that consumer behavior is divergent and not consistent.  Behavioral segmentation involves using analytics to group a consumer according to their specific pattern of behavior when they decide to make a purchase.
Instead of segmenting customers according to general factors, behavioral analytics goes much further to segment them on the basis of their interests and previous purchases.  Ultimately, this ends up boosting conversion rates as customers are properly targeted and a marketing strategy is implemented that appeals to their interest.
Customer Behavior Over Time

With behavioral analytics, it is possible to observe the long term activity of any customer which benefits your business as you continuously learn their interests and motivations.  This allows you to see what path your customer followed before and which content may have contributed to a majority of the traffic on your website.
Analytic tools help you decide what a potential customer will find most attractive and it also gives you insight on how to improve the placement of products or services.  The behavior of some consumers is difficult to predict, but you can grow your business with behavioral analytics as effort and resources are directed where they are needed.  Enhance your business by taking measures to know the path customers take before making a purchase and ensure that path is easily available!
Posted on May 1, 2017 by MyNetWire
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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a major element that factors into the performance of small business websites.  SEO involves a variety of areas when properly done but the results are highly effective towards increasing revenue as targeted traffic leads to more customers.  The following measures ensure that your website is enhanced through authentic content, inbound links, optimized navigation, and faster load speeds.
Keep Users & Google In Mind
One focus for small business websites is to create authentic content that will resonate with users over a long period of time.  The best way to do that is to imagine what information your users are eager to find then generate useful content that fulfills their request.  Make sure the content is well written and never use content from another website as Google gives a lower ranking to pages with duplicated content.
Ideally, the goal is for each page to have different content and keywords as that reaches more users.  Next, look into optimizing the navigation of your website as there may be pages given more importance solely because of inbound links.  Alter internal linking to shift the indexing of pages on Google so pages with valuable information rank higher for users to easily find them.
Inbound links play a role when it comes to improving search engine optimization but make sure you use quality links.  Links from disreputable sources are strongly penalized by Google which results in a lower search engine ranking.  What other SEO measures improve the performance of your website?
Analyze Load Speed Frequently
An area where small business websites are judged on their performance revolves around how efficiently they convert visitors to customers.  Today, most of the people online only give a website about 5 seconds before they get annoyed with pages loading slowly.  Always make the speed of your website a priority or all of the SEO measures will be a waste of time as users navigate away.
Posted on January 18, 2017 by MyNetWire
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Marketing strategies are an important element to any business as they drive potential customers towards discovering a company through a variety of ways.  Often, technology triggers a change in what marketing strategy your business needs in order to be a level higher than the competition.  A change in Indianapolis SEO could be what separates one company from succeeding and another from not succeeding.  What marketing strategies should you consider each year to stay ahead of the competition?
Valuable Strategies That Work
Three strategies to take into account are relationship marketing, marketing automation, and location-based marketing.  Relationship marketing focuses on generating leads through building long-lasting connections with customers.  Generally, users share their positive experience with others online which reaches a tremendous number of prospects.  This method of marketing is directed at engaging customers over a period of time.
Adjust marketing efforts to reach more people that only use a smartphone to go online as those devices are expected to continue to rise in usage.  Marketing automation is an area where most companies need to revise how they automate tasks such as website actions, emails, and social media.  In many cases, the timing of when the content is delivered has a significant impact on how long it takes to convert users into customers.
With location-based marketing, users usually allow an app to have access to the location of their mobile device.  Once an end user opts in, location-based notifications may inform them about a special incentive or discount when they are nearby.  As a result, technology makes it possible for you to get the attention of your targeted users and increase engagement.
Technology & Data
Marketing strategies continuously change as technology improves so analyze your strategy and Indianapolis SEO at regular intervals to remain up-to-date.  In addition, the more data you collect on users and customers enables you to customize your strategy to ensure your business surpasses the competition.
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