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Posted on December 13, 2016 by MyNetWire
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A vital part to small business websites being effective is ensuring they rank well in search engines.  Google and other search engines use keywords that visitors type in to help them find what they are searching for.  Through search engine optimization, you improve where a website ranks by including keywords and content that is relevant to targeted visitors.  Visitors usually focus on the top of search engine results when determining which website they will choose.  Where does your website rank in search engines?
Capitalize On Leads
Small business websites that rank low on search engines are likely not implementing an effective SEO strategy.  An effective SEO strategy consist of setting objectives for your targeted audience, keyword research, on-page SEO, attract inbound links, and monitor the results.  First, identify your audience and develop objectives so you connect with visitors who are more likely to become a customer.
Ranking higher on search engines gets your website greater visibility with the audience you want to reach.  A key element in any SEO strategy is accurately choosing which keywords to target.  Search rankings can be maximized by using Google Analytics and Keyword Planner to track the web pages that receive the most traffic.
Capitalize on leads by creating high quality content associated with keywords that rank well.  Furthermore, use on-page SEO tactics to optimize web pages and ensure there are no broken links.  What other SEO tactics should websites encompass to improve conversions?
Off-Page SEO
An integral factor to improve website ranking and build your brand is to integrate links.  Utilize a link building plan to attract inbound links and build connections with your target audience to boost off-page SEO.  Lastly, track all the on-page modifications and monitor the results through Google Analytics on a frequent basis.  This allows you to see what changes were most effective in converting visitors to customers as SEO is a continuous process.
Posted on November 14, 2016 by MyNetWire
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Any company that wants to build their brand and reach targeted customers will utilize internet marketing to maximize the full potential of their company.  Internet marketing is a process of using the Internet to advertise products or services of a company through a website, emails, social media, and search engine optimization.
Yet, each company is different and if the internet marketing strategy will be successful for a given company then all the goals and requirements should be considered.  For instance, will it benefit a company to rank high in search engines for Indianapolis SEO?
Optimize Your Campaign Goals!
There are a variety of areas to focus on with regard to online marketing but a company should always measure the effectiveness of their strategy.  The success rate of the marketing strategy depends on the industry the company is in, their product or service, and the targeted customer.  One way to measure the effectiveness of an online marketing campaign is to evaluate how you compare to the competition in your industry.
Are you maximizing all of the opportunities for reaching online customers?  Internet marketing campaigns should have projections for what kind of ROI to be expected.  A great return on investment is proof that an online marketing campaign is effective.  When projections fall short, changes must be implemented to the online marketing campaign in order to reach targeted customers.  Which online marketing technique works best for your company?
Indianapolis SEO & Your Strategy
Search engine optimization is a fundamental component to any internet marketing campaign as leaders of an industry are found at the top of search engines.  Goals and strategies should always be discussed in a marketing campaign as more people are going online to find a company that ranks for Indianapolis SEO.  Identify the effectiveness of your campaign through A/B testing to increase conversion rates and allow customers to comment on the website to gain customer feedback!
Posted on October 8, 2015 by MyNetWire
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More than ever before, a good search engine ranking is nearly guaranteed to bring in customers to your business.
Studies show that an incredible 70% of web searches on mobile devices will lead to consumer action in just an hour. Additionally, the average consumer will visit a business' website six times throughout their entire purchasing process -- and 40% of consumers will choose a different search result if the first one isn't mobile-friendly.
It's not surprising, then, that businesses everywhere are turning to search engine optimization, or SEO, to increase their online visibility and appeal to new customers.
However, did you also know that any SEO campaign can benefit immensely from a good social media strategy? Here's a look at just three ways you can maximize your business' Internet marketing benefits with social media:
Social media directly helps SEO
Recently, Google altered its search engine algorithms to take tweets and other social media posts into account when compiling search engine rankings. This means that when your business maintains an active, vibrant social media presence, you'll be rewarded with improved search engine optimization. All it takes is 140 characters or less.
Your business' social profiles already appear in search results
In addition to your business' website, it's likely that its social media pages are being ranked on Google as well. By optimizing each of your social media pages for search engines, you can increase the chances that web users will find your brand when they enter a relevant keyword or search term.
Social media sites have search functions, too
While an undisputed majority of web searches take place on Google, people are also searching for local businesses on Facebook, Twitter and similar sites. Facebook alone gets more than 1 billion search queries per day! By expanding your business' social media presence, you can make it easier for users to find your business than ever before.
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