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Posted on December 10, 2015 by MyNetWire
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As more and more business is conducted via electronic channels, the quality of website design in Indianapolis or anywhere else becomes even more important to your company's success. Companies that have slow and unresponsive sites lose out on sales to other companies that invest the required dollars into their web design. Websites are an interactive platform that let you engage your consumers directly. When someone comes to your site, they are most likely looking to learn more about your product or buy your product. You want to make sure that you put your best foot forward in order to make their visit to your site a pleasant experience.

If your site is not landing at or near the top of the Google, Yahoo or Bing search engine return listings, chances are good that you are leaving a significant number of sales on the table. Studies have shown that the majority of consumers rarely browse beyond the first page of the return listings when they are looking for a product. If your site is not optimized for visibility on the Web, the search engine algorithms will pass you over in favor of sites that are designed better. Quality Indianapolis website design should focus on keywords and links to secure your company's visibility.

If your site is lacking rich graphics and exciting multimedia, then you are falling behind your competitors. The top sites are simple to navigate, and they are full of meaningful content that highlights your brand and your image. Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, you want your customers to connect with your brand. If your page loads quickly and it has quality videos, you will have an easier time building a connection with your customers that can turn into sales down the road.

The right site will make it easy for your customers to find the information that they are looking for, and will also give your customers a safe platform for them to complete their online purchase. Protecting customers’ personal identifiable information is key, and sites that focus on encryption and security up-front save businesses countless dollars in legal fees and identity theft settlements.

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Posted on December 8, 2015 by MyNetWire
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Indianapolis, Indiana (December 8, 2015) – As early as now, SEO and web design firms in Indianapolis are urging businesses to prepare for Google’s upcoming Penguin Update. According to Gary Illyes, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, the latest algorithm update will roll out soon. The least businesses can do now is prepare as the last update resulted in many websites losing rank and getting penalized. Now, Google is giving entrepreneurs and businesses a chance to be ready before the new update goes live in 2016.
The original Penguin Update was released in 2012 in order to better catch sites that are spamming search results. For instance, sites that were buying links or getting them through link networks that are specifically designed to boost their Google rankings were penalized. As a result, these websites had to work hard to get back in Google’s good graces. According to Search Engine Land, the next update will be a real-time version. This means that Google will be analyzing links as soon as the search engine discovers them. Sites with bad links will get penalized immediately if caught. The good news, however, is that the next Penguin Update will make it easier to recover immediately as soon as the spam links are removed.
While the update is still in the works and is not set to be released until next year, businesses should already be preparing to avoid potential penalties. Even unintentional spam on websites will not be tolerated. Therefore, now is the perfect time for a thorough site audit. 
For example, links that include exact-match anchor texts are treated as spam. This can be easily corrected by using different external links in non-descriptive keywords, URLs and long-tail keywords. Google might also treat a sudden increase in referring pages as spam behavior. Backlinks need to be analyzed periodically to check for such anomalies. Optimizing internal links should also be a top priority since these greatly influence the way search engines crawl sites.
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Posted on November 30, 2015 by MyNetWire
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Whether you're running an online business or a brick and mortar one, it is essential that you invest in a well optimized website design to promote your company. Having a well designed website will make the difference between making or breaking a sale. Indianapolis internet marketing companies, such as MyNetWire, have tools, resources and skilled experts to assist you with optimizing your website's design towards your niche market.

First Impressions Count

Just as first impressions count in real life, the same goes for the virtual world. Therefore, you always want to ensure that your home page is one that is attention-grabbing and that it entices the visitors to want to explore your website further.
At the same time, you want to make sure that your website is easily navigable and doesn't contain content and designs that are too difficult to make sense of. If customers are unable to easily find what they're looking for on your website, they'll quickly leave it and never return again.

Keyword-Rich Content

Providing customers with content that is actually useful to them is important in creating a website design. While you want to make sure that your website's design is optimized with keyword rich content so that it will rank higher in search engines, you also want to make sure that the content on your site is clear, fluent and useful.
Customers aren't impressed with websites that simply stuff keywords and offer them nothing useful. Plus, search engines have become more advanced so that they actually penalize sites for keyword stuffing with no original content or value given to the site visitor.

Showcase Your Skills

One of the best ways to contribute to your website's design while gaining the customer's trust is to incorporate your skills and what you're offering to customers within your website's design. For instance, if you're a sewing site that sells sewing kits, machines, threads, accessories and more, then make sure your website's design is crafty in nature and include plenty of helpful tips and how to guides on how to craft numerous types of sewn garments and pieces. Alternatively, if you're an online retailer that sells home decor, furniture and other home items, you might want to highlight the differences between certain types of woods and materials and offer information on which ones last the longest.
These elements of an optimized website design can be integrated into your website with help from digital marketing experts in Indianapolis, like those from MyNetWire.

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